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You know you own a chewaholic dog when you find teeth marks all over your furniture and everything is the equivalent of a chew toy from your dog's perspective. Chewing is a natural, instinctual behavior in dogs that may be particularly destructive and costly when your furniture is the victim. Sometimes no matter what you do, your dog does not stop chewing your furniture and you may be worried he may choke or swallow large pieces.
While you may have many good reasons for protecting your furniture from your dog's relentless chewing, it is also your responsibility to provide your dog with appropriate items he can actually chew. Otherwise, if it is home alone and bored, it just might start thinking that your furniture looks pretty darn good to gnaw on! Well, I have to say it… if you don’t want your dog chewing on things in your house, THEN PICK IT UP and PUT IT AWAY!
Products that make it unpleasant to chew on- there are many products out there that are made especially for this problem that are safe to use for your dog and your furniture.
When you are home and you see your dog starting to nibble on the furniture, let it know it is doing something wrong.
This entry was posted in Chewing and Biting, Puppy Training and Tips and tagged how to keep your dog from chewing furniture, how to prevent your dog from chewing furniture, how to stop a dog chewing, how to stop a dog from chewing on furniture, how to stop a dog from chewing your couch, stop dog from chewing furniture. Moxie, the beloved pup of Dogster Editor-in-Chief Janine Kahn, loves to steal her underwear, but he most certainly does not gnaw on it.

In addition to costing us big bucks to repair or replace, you could hurt yourself chewing on a power cord if plugged in. We promise to spend more time playing with you and less time staring at screens if you keep your teeth away from our electronics. Make sure you set your dog for success by leaving around plenty of chew toys so he will be less likely to be attracted to the furniture.
She specializes in canine topics, previously working for the American Animal Hospital Association and receiving certification from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
Until your dog is completely trustworthy not to chew on things it shouldn’t, a crate is the best way to keep your furniture safe! I've either already tried them with my dogs or found they have very good reviews by other dog owners who have already tried the product. While some dogs may find leftover burritos or tortillas enticing, most dogs will steer clear from hot spices. Spray the mixture on the surfaces of the furniture you are concerned about and trying to protect. With plenty of enticing toys around and furniture tasting awful, your dog can ultimately only make good choices. It may take awhile, but your dog will eventually learn that you do NOT want it chewing on the furniture.

Plus, these crates have a lot of good reviews by people like you who do own and use them for their dogs! Also let them know that there are plenty of chew toys and treats available to keep you occupied — and some even have health benefits! A mixture of water and cayenne pepper is often used as a repellent for dogs because most dogs dislike the stinging and burning sensation produced when licked.
Some dogs may soon forget the event and go back to chew the furniture in no time, while others may never go near it again. If your dog chews windows and doors when left alone, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. Therefore, spreading this hot concoction on top of items that are often chewed should help discourage your dog from mouthing them. After repeated exposure, most dogs will give up chewing the furniture sooner than later, especially if you are careful enough to apply the repellent often.

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