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If your lawn or garden seem to always be the toilet target of your own dog or neighborhood dogs, there are measures you can take to keep dogs at bay. Fences can be an expensive option, but might be worth it if the dogs are not easily deterred. While thorny or prickly bushes, such as holly and barberry, might seem like a good idea for deterring dogs be wary.
For a choice that's pleasant for dogs and adds beauty to the garden, you could try stone steps or colorful tiles. Dogs react strongly to new smells and odors, and may be put off if a smell suddenly changes. Oftentimes, people are tempted to use rabbit or deer repellents in conjunction with fertilizers to keep dogs at bay. If dogs are urinating on your garden, telltale signs will include dead and yellowed patches of grass and possibly poorly plants. If you suspect the dogs using your garden as a bathroom as strays, contact you local animal control or animal shelter to get them to a rescue center safely. I have two little dogs and they totally are not capable of putting out the huge piles I am finding in my yard. I understand the sentiment behind the advice that people have given about just putting up with the crap or putting up fences (good fences do make good neighbors, after all), but at the end of the day, it IS the responsibility of dog owners to control their dogs, and you should NOT be required to alter your life or property to accommodate their negligence. I find people get too upset about dogs going on their yards (playing the devils advocate), if you care so much about your yard and your property, then you wouldn’t mind building a fence or having a hedge around the perimeter. I never said it was ok for people to let their dog go on your lawn, and yea I agree with your whole warranted retribution spiel, but if you have some wide open yard basically inviting dogs to squat, its inevitable. I know about dogs being territorial, and that another dog might not poop on our grass once he realizes that our dog is in the house.

Generally, a domesticated dog marking its territory will simply encourage other domesticated dogs to add their own mark.
It is possible that getting your dog to mark your yard will prompt the other dog to mark instead of defecating, as most dogs are seemingly indiscriminate about where they'll mark, but quite a few are very discriminating about where they'll defecate (as anyone who has ever suffered outside in freezing rain waiting for their dog to find "just the right spot" will attest!).
A combinations of barriers, repellents, and distractions can encourage dogs to surpass your garden when seeking relief. Perhaps the most obvious solution, if not the most cost effective, is simply fencing in your garden to keep dogs out. You can also create a mote-like barrier encompassing the garden using gravel or mulch, textures dogs generally avoid treading on.
If you have a neighborhood where dogs run free, and they seem to have chosen your garden as a bathroom, discuss this with your neighbors. Look up information on the fertilizer you're using online to see if anyone has had issues with a particular fertilizer in terms of it attracting dogs. Whether home made or store bought, a variety of repellents cause unpleasant smells and sensations that will discourage unwanted dogs from entering your garden. There are specially made dog repellents, sold online or at pet stores, that are environmentally safe and not harmful to dogs or other animals. However, the ingredients of mothballs are toxic to both to animals and are therefore not recommended. Putting up with with a problem to avoid talking to someone, regardless of how anti-social they seem, is cowardice.
Yes, this avoids confrontation, but it certainly protects your yard and offers protection for your children.
People see it as a personal attack, and automatically think the dog owners single your yard out and force their dogs to go in your yard just to spite you as a person, when in fact most of the time it’s just the luck of the draw.

How-to articles and videos are available online and you can always seek out the help of neighbors, friends, and family members. Ask them politely to join you in your efforts to discourage the dogs from using your garden as a restroom. Changing how and when you use fertilizer can be a great way to discourage dogs from getting into your yard. When a dog uses your garden as a bathroom, they leave their scent behind and other dogs assume relieving themselves in this space is okay.
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If you're dealing with your own dog, or a neighbor's dog whose presence you don't mind, you can try to create a welcoming atmosphere for the dogs away from the garden.
While not every dog will have a negative reaction to citrus, it has caused health effects for some dogs in the past so it's best to err on the side of caution.[20] Cayenne pepper causes irritation in a dog's face, skin, and paws. However the opposite is true, and what makes the rods work is not the rods but the skill of the person using the rods. In areas with lots of dogs, there was lots of bottles of water, also lots of roofs of cars were dented from kids escaping from the dogs. It became very clear to me: dealing with dog poop in our yards from dogs that are not our own is a universal problem. Phil show – about dogs and poopy in the yard, but also about feeling victimized, anger, revenge, salvation, vindication, and what it means to be a human.

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