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Fear is usually related to strangers, vets, and some owners who reprimand their dogs wrong. If your dog is the type that constantly bites or even tries to bite other dogs, you will have to take things really slow. On this page learn how to stop puppy biting nipping fast and effectively with our selection of the best free puppy obedience training techniques to cure this common problem often associated with puppy separation anxiety & teething and mouthing. It is important to remember that it is quite normal for puppies to want to test their teeth on lots of different things as they develop, but you still need to stop puppy biting before it becomes a major problem.
During the early weeks of their life their mum trained them what to bite, how to bite and the force that they should use – but they still need to practice! You just need to remember that although it may be normal it isn’t always necessary and you can learn how to train a puppy to stop biting quite easily. Ok so lets get started with the basic principals that you need to understand to stop puppy biting fast and effectively. Always start puppy socialization as early as possible, as it’s a vital part of dog and puppy training.
Remember to tell the whole family to use the same puppy and dog training commands so it won’t confuse your pooch. Never ever use any physical force towards you dog or puppy, showing aggressive behavior towards your pooch will teach him that aggressive behavior is acceptable.

To stop puppy biting and nipping you need to be able to learn how to train a puppy how hard he should bite. Try shaking a can filled with stones ever-time you are bitten – this will startle your puppy into stopping.
Some dogs may fear strangers because they might be a one person type of dog, meaning they only like to be handled by their owner. The reason why dogs fear the vet is because it usually isn’t pleasant when the dog goes for a visit.
Spanking your dog or hitting your dog is not the solution to correcting your dogs behavior.
If you are introducing a new dog into the house, go very very slow with the engagement of your old dog and new dog. If your dog is hurt, don’t touch those areas and set up a vet appointment to fix the problem.
This technique will normally stop puppy biting in its tracks but it isn’t loved by everyone. Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health.
When you spank your dog, you are only doing one thing and that is relating your hand with pain.

If your dog all of a sudden snaps at you out of nowhere while you are petting him, the odds are you hit a soft spot. Start off by showing the dogs to each other from a distance so they can get a sense of smell and sight of each other. The dog will be all nice and cuddly with their owners, but if you get near them, they will growl and try to bite you. This isn’t your fault nor is it your dogs fault, so do not reprimand your dog for snapping at you. If your dog is the biting kind, avoid handling her and her babies and make sure to warn anyone else who has access to the mother and her babies that biting might be a problem. This is why, if you have a dog like this, you have to make sure you warn any strangers trying to pet your dog that your dog is a one person type of dog. To fix this, you should have your vet give your dog a treat every visit so he knows that it’s not a place where only bad things happen. Once you see that both dogs are calm around one another from a short distance, start allowing them to smell one another (without any growling).

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