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Your dog doesn’t chew only his dog toys he chews your shoes, the bedding, the furniture, and even power cords. Puppies going through teething problems find some relief if they have dog chew toys to chew on. When your dog is home without human supervision, you may want to keep him in a restricted area of the house.
Chewy toys and toys filled with treats are especially helpful for dogs with chewing problems these toys keep them occupied for a long time. The first thing I have to get you to realize is that your puppy is not doing this out of malice intent. We can give your dog the tools to pass therapy dog testing at our facility in Northern Virginia. If your dog completes our Therapy Dog Development Course, they will have all of the tools needed to become a certified therapy dog. As you will see, not only does our training program meet these testing standards, but they greatly exceed them, as well. At Off Leash K9 Training, LLC we have many of our graduates leave our training program, and successfully pass all therapy dog testing immediately after completing our course. If you are looking at having your dog become a therapy dog in the Northern Virginia area, contact us and we can help you and your dog achieve all of your training goals (and beyond).
At our dog training facility in Northern Virginia, I am a huge advocate AGAINST doing in-home dog training. I have said this phrase for years, and despite us training 7 days per week, 65 dogs per week, I STILL find it to be true. The problem with in-home training is that you are training your dog in “their” environment! So, that is the single most important reason that we are against doing in-home training with your dog. At our dog training facility in Northern Virginia, we have it all when it comes to basic and advanced training for your dog. We also offer you and your dog the opportunity to give back to our country and our community.
You can get your dog trained as a therapy dog, and visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities. And when it comes to basic through advanced obedience training there is absolutely no better place to have your dog trained than at offleashk9training. You can also have your dog, usually it’s best to start them as a puppy, trained as a seeing-eye dog or some other specialty, like search and rescue. So whether you’ve been thinking about training your dog for a while, or it just occurred to you that it might be a good idea, you can call the specialists at offleashk9training and talk to one of our trainers.
We can provide you and your dog all of the tools and training necessary in order for you and your dog to become a successful service dog team! No matter where you live, whether you’re in an urban sprawl in New York, of a suburb in Northern Virginia, or the most rural parts of Florida, your dog needs the training that we at offleashk9training can provide. How to feed your dog is an age-old debate that we get asked about weekly at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia. My personal belief is that it is more beneficial and generally healthier for your dog to meal feed verse free feed. Keep in mind, it is proven that a healthier way for humans to eat is by eating small portioned meals throughout the day; therefore, I would assume the same is true for dogs. Generally, I have found dogs that free eat, are often times over weight (much like people who eat all throughout the day with no regulation). At our dog training facility in Northern Virginia, we hear many stories of how when untrained dogs get outside, they turn catching them into a game. First, they more than likely escaped when the door opened, this means that you and your dog have not practiced door manners nor incorporated it into your obedience training.
Lastly, generally when your dog escapes and you DO catch them, you usually punish them somehow. Lastly, they come on command every single time you call them, so you never have to worry about having to chase them. If you find yourself chasing your dog outside, I would recommend finding a qualified trainer in your area that specializes in off leash obedience. At our dog training facility in Northern Virginia, we also offer detection and nosework training.

First, just like obedience training, it is a great bond building exercise to do with your dog. So, if you have a high energy dog that you can never seem to get worn out, doing nose work with your dog is literally one of the best exercises you can do in order to get them completely exhausted. A quick overview on the simple steps needed to prevent destructive chewing.Many dog owners at one time or another become frustrated with their dog due to its behavior. Understand that problem behavior in dogs is something that can make an owner feel very pressured. Make sure there are no medical causes of the chewing behavior.[1][2] In some cases, dogs chew as a coping behavior when they suffer from psychological problems (like anxiety). If your dog releases the object, give it something appropriate to chew (like a treat or toy) and praise it. Use deterrent sprays.[7] Dogs are much less likely to chew on things with tastes that they find unpleasant. This technique works best if your dog has a habit of chewing a particular object, or something immobile. Encourage good chewing by providing your dog with toys and treats.[9] If you provide your dog with acceptable things to chew on, it will have fewer incentives to chew inappropriate objects. Make sure to spend time with your dog.[12] Domestic dogs are social creatures that have evolved to be accustomed to contact with humans as well as with other dogs. Dog classes are available in many areas.[15] These are an opportunity for pets and owners to practice together to help a dog learn new tricks or behavior. Objects such as remote controls, shoes, and books are common temptations for dogs that like to chew.
Teach your dog the "leave it" command.[21] If you're willing to put in a little extra time and effort, it's possible to teach your dog a handy command that can save your possessions in cases where you catch it chewing on them. Repeat this process until your dog moves away from your hand as soon as you say "leave it." This teaches your dog that ignoring whatever it wants to bite or chew on is better than chewing on that thing.
Avoid giving your puppy objects to chew on that are similar to objects you don’t want him to chew on, such as pieces of old clothing.
To do this, look at your home from your dog’s point of view a€” objects on the floor, open doors (including closet and cupboard doors), and furniture. In addition to the above steps, though, you can give your dog objects to chew on that you approve of. To keep the toys interesting to your dog, give him different toys to play with on different days.
Upon completing our course, we can test you for your AKC Canine Good Citizen, once your dog receives this, he can take his Therapy Dog Certification Test, which we can arrange. If you look at the link above, you will see all parts of the test listed.
Our  trainers have an admittedly biased passion for helping every day people learn how to become both master and companion to their four legged friends, as well as, teaching those canines how to follow simple commands for behavior modification. If only to save yourself the headache of someone saying they got bit by your dog, or scratch or barked at, etc.
You can purchase a dog gate to change a spare room into his room, an exercise pen to set-up his spot in the middle of a room in use, or a crate to act as his den.
When they are young, puppies still have a lot to learn about house manners, especially peeing inside. Decide what he can get away with (getting on the furniture, begging) and what he cannot (barking at guests) and stick to your plan.
Your enthusiasm as an owner can wear thin, however, as soon as your dog starts ruining your possessions with frequent chewing.
Likewise, if your dog is affected by certain parasites or nutritional deficiencies, it may be compelled to chew all sorts of things. Thus, you can discourage your dog from chewing on certain things by rubbing or spraying them with bad-tasting substances. For instance, you can spray chair legs with a bitter apple flavor if your dog has a habit of chewing on them. If they become bored or are kept from contact with other dogs, some dogs can resort to destructive coping behavior, including chewing. Dogs don't just want toys; they want fun, happy interactions with the people in their family!
Place any objects your dog likes to chew (or might chew) out of its reach: in a cabinet, high off the floor, in a bag or box, etc. If this is the case, you may consider keeping it confined in a pen, dog crate, or other area while you are gone.

Get the dog's attention with one treat, then sharply tell your dog, "leave it" (referring to the object it is chewing).
As soon as it loses interest in your hand, however, offer it the treat from the other hand and give it lavish praise. Symptoms of dental problems in dogs include bad breath, chewing on one side of the mouth, pain when eating or drinking, and hesitation to eat even when they’re hungry. When he chews on something that you don’t want him to chew on, take it away and offer him your approved alternative.
Their training becomes second nature to them, and eventually without even realizing that it happened, they will obey your commands without fail. We want your dog to be as successful as you do, and we put everything they have into making sure that happens. You can use this opportunity to literally change peoples lives for the better, and that is a reward that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.
Also, if you’re considering specialized training for courses other than obedience, you can ask about the specifics of those courses as well. At offleashk9training our techniques are so affective you’ll be able to walk around comfortably and confidently, knowing that your dog will obey your commands time and time again. Whichever you choose, it is necessary to select a spot for him and to restrict his movement. Keep in mind that the more rules he gets to break, the more annoyed you’ll feel down the road. Luckily, with consistent training and smart decisions on the part of the owners, nearly any dog can be trained not to chew its owners out of house and home. Because of this, consider taking your dog to a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for an expert diagnosis and a suitable treatment plan, especially if the chewing is accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss, gastrointestinal problems, or abnormal behavior.
That way, whenever it has the urge to chew, you can offer it something appropriate, or it can find something on its own.
Be sure to take the time to play with your dog a little bit every day, especially if it's been chewing. You can also use baby gates to keep a dog out of rooms or areas that contain items it is tempted to chew.[20] In addition, you can supervise your dog while you are at home. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici.
Instead, you can respond to your dog’s reasons for chewing, reduce his access and interest, and give him appealing chewable options.
Yellow and brown accumulations of tartar may appear on your dog’s teeth, and his gums may be an inflamed red rather than a healthy pink. The Odor Destroyer article Separation Anxiety in Dogs provides tips on helping your dog overcome this problem. If your dog is tempted to chew on power cords, look in lighting stores for power cord covers.
That’s why we specialize in training dogs from all walks of life, how to be the best behaved dog on the block. You’ll literally have the best trained, and most well behaved dog on your street with a set of our obedience classes. And whether you take him to the park, the beach, or a backyard barbecue; you can rest assured that his training will always be superb. In any case where a dog’s behavior is giving you reason for concern, you should always be ready to intercede and find a way to stop the behavior becoming a long-term problem. Get some interactive dog toys that can be stuffed with treats to challenge him during the day.
There are a variety of options, including designer crates, chrome crates, exercise pens, and dog gates.
Just twenty minutes or so of play per day can go a long way towards expending a dog's excess energy and calming it down. So, you can imagine when your dog is searching a building, how many odors they are actually processing through their nose and their mind.

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