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Last week, when his wife left home for a two-week cruise with her best friend, Robert Sollars stocked up on hamburger meat and peanut butter, then settled into a weekend of football on cable TV.
Ways to Help Take the Worry Out of Being Apart Here are tips for adults coping with separation anxiety when away from a loved one.
Rosita Alvarez (right), with her daughter Makaa (front) and son Misha (rear), at their Austin, Texas, boarding school.
Rosita Alvarez, a 45-year-old artist in Spicewood, Texas, grew up as a so-called Air Force brat, moving with her family every two years. As part of the update by the American Psychiatric Association, children of adults with ASAD were added to the list of major attachment figures and work was added, in addition to school, to the list of places where avoidance behaviors may occur.
Dead-end RelationshipsPeople with ASAD may feel uncomfortable letting go of or getting out of relationships that do not benefit them. Much like childhood separation anxiety, adult separation anxiety can be devastating to the person with the disorder, as well as those close to them.

Stay active and busy, so that your mind is occupied with other thoughts when the major attachment figure is away. Take up journal writing, so that you can identify your feelings better and learn to sense patterns you may fall into. If you have tried unsuccessfully to combat ASAD on your own, it might be time to have your doctor or therapist prescribe medication to counter the anxiety. Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD) is rarely diagnosed because little emphasis has been placed on the disorder outside of the childhood range.
Guess t’was normal to feel sad to leave the baby for the first time or the first week when you go back to work. The way we cope with separation is determined by something psychologists call our attachment system. She was 36 and married for 10 years with four children younger than 10, when her husband died of a heart attack.

Early hunter-gatherers learned to work together, and children perished without the care and protection of an adult. We believe that this separation form the only parents he knew, his home, safety, friends, church, school will affect him tremendously in the long run or maybe even now.
Secure people, roughly 55% of the population, typically are warm, loving and comfortable with intimacy. But adults also can experience it when they are separated from the people who matter most to them.

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