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Your dog is your faithful friend and you will end up loving and failing to do without him by the  game's end. You can purchase and find books appropriately named Treasure Hunting, allowing your dog to discover more lucrative items throughout the game, those buried deeper underground by people wishing to keep them from lightfingered heroes!
If you go to knothole island there is a memorial thing for your dog as you come out from the docks. At Knothole Island, there is a grave room sort of thing with a sign in front that says some thing about your dog coming back to life.

His appearance alters with you, and while the dog may live an improbably long time, you should learn to take care of it and get the most from what the canine has to offer.
Your dog will bark and lead you to where the item is, before beginning to dig into the ground. When the spade icon appears in the appropriate slot, simply press D-Pad down while standing next to your dog and you will dig up whatever it has found. You do not have a dog in Fable 1.Fable 2, while fun, is no where near as good as the first game imho.

There is a reunion between you and your dog similar to the one after you get back from the spire.

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