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As a puppy it is inadvertantly encouraged, when the human comes home the pup runs to greet them, the human allows the puppy to jump and actively encourages it by making a fuss of it.
It may be cute to see a seven or eight week old puppy doing this, but, that puppy is going to grow into a full sized dog and it is then that the owners find the habit annoying and trouble is inevitable. A lot of people actually don't like dogs and everyone has friends that hate a dog jumping up at them.
Putting your knee up to stop your dog will not work, your dog will jump up at your side instead. Do not push your dog away from you, contact has been made and he has won, he got what he wanted, attention.
Although jumping up is frustrating behavior, it stems from a dog’s need to communicate with us.

This can be cute when they’re puppies, but when a grown dog jumps on a person, the result can range from mild annoyance to injury.
If your pup is especially persistent, turn your back on him and pull your hands to your chest.
The pup then learns that is the way to get attention, so has learnt a new bad habit that the owner now has to train out of the dog. Your dog is leaping up at your face and you want nothing more than for him to stop this silly nonsense! As soon as he or she stops jumping, feel free to calmly praise, pet and love on him as much as you’d like…taking care not to get him overly excited again. Instead of trying to reprimand your dog for jumping on you, teach him to make good choices.

Remember, we want to teach our dogs how to greet people properly with all four paws on the floor.
This teaches him that good choices, such as sitting or simply not jumping up, give him what he wants!
Once he stops pulling or jumping, reward him for being a good boy and let him greet calmly.

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