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Dogs placed in a new environment, whether they are adults or puppies, are generally fearful and anxious. One of the best remedies that will help to calm a new dog in the household is to play soft music for the dog at night; the music will help to drown out new sounds that could be contributing to the barking, and the background noise will help the new dog to feel less alone. To help your new dog sleep at night, give the dog plenty of exercise during the day and right before bedtime.
One of the worst things you can do for a dog barking at night is to keep going in the dog’s room and giving the dog attention.
Bringing a new puppy into the house can be a chaotic and exciting moment for both you and the puppy. Learn about Canine Periodontal Disease, including how it affects the health of your dog's overall health, and what options are available to manage this type of dental condition.

Why dogs bark stop excessive dog barking, Why dogs bark important understand dogs bark reasons.
Whether the attention is positive or negative, the dog will soon realize that continual barking will result in attention. Your new puppy will test boundaries at every turn, and your interactions with your new puppy will help them quickly learn appropriate and acceptable behavior. Night times are particularly distressing because the dog is alone, and the dog may express its fear though constant barking.
Discourage the dog from barking during the day and night by always ignoring barks; reward the dog with play and attention when the dog is not barking, and ignore the dog when it is barking.
To reduce some of the disarray of these moments, and to keep your new puppy safe, here are a few ways to prepare your house for a new puppy.

Positive reinforcement will help the dog to learn that barking, during the day or night, does not result in a reward.
Once the dog realizes that the barking does not result in any attention rewards, the barking will stop.

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