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One of the major issues with teaching dogs to walk well on lead is that they want to rush ahead to see the sights. This version of repeat sits on the left side is for dogs who are likely to be tentative and lag instead of sprinting forward when you start walking. Start with your dog in heel position (refer to the blog on going back to heel to see how to get her here).
If your puppy or adult dog is already good with a regular lure (sometimes this just takes several trials) or she tends to want to sprint past you, you can use what I’ve dubbed a flash lure. Start by rewarding your pooch at irregular intervals for remaining seated in heel position. Before the puppy catches up to you, and as you are planting your foot to stop, place your treat hand out at the dog’s chin level. As usual, keep your pup focused on you sitting in heel position first, especially when a distraction is going by. If she looks away once seated, you can make a clucking or smooching sound to get her to look back at you. You can either wait until she looks at you for 1-2 steps while you’re walking or you can smooch to get her to look at you.
Walking briskly is fun for most dogs, especially if they are getting rewarded at the right intervals for their training level and for the distraction level of the environment.

Watch to see the importance of your body language and movement when training this exercise. Notice that I’ve stopped soon enough so that this dog is slightly behind me when I stop. It is often easiest to practice this in the house next to a wall so she can’t scoot away from you or run by. My hand is actually further back than my heel and my shoulder is turned slightly towards the dog.
The goal is that you walk quickly enough so that she can follow you at a trot and that you stop every 1-3 steps at first until she gets the idea—meaning she stays by your side and stops every time. Once your puppy or adult dog has the exercises down with the flash lure, just intermittently try the exercises without the flash lure.
So as soon as you perform the techniques shown above, you can start rewarding the puppy as she walks and looks at you. See how to start with the easy version of the exercise and make it more challenging and fun.
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Once your technique is clear, your puppy or adult dog will be able to pick this up within just one or two 10-minute sessions.
For the majority of dogs, once your technique is polished, this process of weaning can take place within the second or third 10-minute practice sessions. Our understanding and knowledge, and thus our training and teaching techniques, are always evolving. Since this dog has been rewarded so much for sitting already, her default behavior when she wants something is to sit. However, you may still need to go back to the flash-lure temporarily during more distracting situations.
When she can do this 5 times in a row, increase to 3-5 steps, then 5-7 and then 7-10, then ½ a block to a block of attention. Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day. You can also slow down suddenly for 3-5 steps and reward right before you go back to a normal pace.

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