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Labradors in particular are notorious for chewing on wood, so make sure you keep an eye on your deck if you have one!
There is something I am not quite sure about, but I'd think it good that your dog is not drawing an equal mark between "I'm bored" and chewing. Puppies will teeth for the sake of easing pain until they're developed -- then they'll do it for fun. The person that taught me the frozen towel trick told me to soak it in chicken stock to encourage the puppy to chew on it. If you really focus on chewing issues when the pup is young, you should get past that stage in a few months. You should do good to make him associate chewing with play and training and fun and rewards from you.

Puppies at her age are beginning to feel pain in their teeth as new teeth begin to push out the old ones. If you spend five minutes trying to get the dog to stop chewing on the furniture, that's attention time. Use bitter apple as a taste deterrent on the legs of the table, if that is where the pup seems to want to focus.
After all, that's the most important command you'll need to drill into a dog's nerve system, so you might as well use such rewards that your puppy will value highly at the moment. Later in life, when you are at work and your dog is home alone and gets bored in waiting for you to return - there is a chance he won't start chewing down your furniture if he doesn't connect boring and chewing. Apart from Kong, which is among the few things that can withstand your Lab, you can do your Lab a favour if you give him something to chew on that is actually edible and lasts a while, like dryed beef scalp.

If she begins ripping the frozen, hard towel, take it from her (this is also a good training opportunity -- don't let her growl!), cut off the extras, and give it back.
Even an adult dog will occasionally like to chew something, but for a puppy it is a necessity.

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