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Take housetraining your dog to another level by getting him to “do his business” in one specific area. You can eliminate a yellow-spotted, burned grass lawn and reduce the odds of stepping in dog poop if you have a designated “dog bathroom.” Whether you have a puppy or older dog, teaching him to go in one area is relatively easy if you practice patience and consistency. After a couple of weeks taking him on the leash, try escorting him off leash to the same spot. By exercising patience and consistency, and rewarding the positive behavior, you’ll have your dog housetrained to go in one spot.

Remember, when you’re teaching your dog where to go, you’re also teaching him where not to go. You can use wire garden fencing, clothesline or rope and stakes, chicken wire or even a circle of stones.
If he gets off track and is looking for an alternative, clap your hands, get his attention and guide him to his “bathroom.” When he goes, praise him.
After you’ve created your “doggie bathroom,” take your dog on a leash directly from the house to the area every time he needs to go.

When he gets to his designated area and does his duty, give her positive affirmation and reward.
You can give him a command, such as “go potty” or “go pee.” When he does, generously reward him.

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