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The first step in making your Boston Terrier fit for polite company would be to potty train him.
Like many terriers, Boston terriers are an intelligent breed and respond quickly to training. Going OutsideTake your puppy outside every 10 to 15 minutes in the initial stages of house training. Training PadsIf you want your Boston terrier to learn to eliminate outdoors, do not use training pads. Indoor Grass PatchesIndoor grass patches are a relatively new house training option for dog owners. Personally, I think crate training is a great method for housebreaking your Boston terrier, but of course it’s not going to work with all dogs.
So here are some tips on how you can break your puppy of this disturbing habit while you are housetraining your Boston terrier. Housebreaking your Boston Terrier is going to be a challenge … here are some tips that will hopefully help you out!

Because Boston terriers are very affectionate and people-oriented, building a trusting relationship with your new dog is the key to effective house training. If used correctly, the crate is a safe haven for a Boston terrier and becomes her own personal nest. She should have enough room to stand up, lay down and turn around comfortably, but do not give her additional room in the crate until she is progressing in her house training; otherwise, she may eliminate in one corner and sleep in another. Owners sometimes make the mistake of starting with training pads with the intention of transitioning the dog to outdoor toileting, but this only adds unnecessary steps to the training process and confuses the dog. Use several pads to cover a large area, and use the same principles as in outdoor training.
Crates are useful house training tools because dogs instinctively know not to soil their dens.
If you live in a place where outdoor access is difficult, such as high-rise apartment, training pads may be a good permanent toileting area for your Boston terrier.
These grass patches are a good tool if you need to transition your Boston terrier from toileting outdoors to indoors.

The more involved you are with potty training process, the faster it will come for your dog. If you catch your Boston terrier eliminating in the house, quickly redirect her outside and use a verbal cue (such as "outside") to help her make the correct association. You can gradually reduce the area covered by training pads, leaving one only in the dog's favorite area. When you take your dog out of her crate, lead her directly outside or to her designated indoor toileting area.

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