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The idea, as the infographic above depicts, is to first praise your hound for barking (you will use something that triggers your hound to bark to speed up training), then ask your pet to quiet and reward his silence.
Follow this link for more information and training tips to help you teach your dog to speak and quiet on cue.
Some veterinarians recommend to keep the dog inside the house until all the vaccinations have been given.

A heartwarming story of two rescue dogs: an abandoned fight dog and a very sick hound found by the side of the road. I am really excited about what is ahead, which includes a lot of dog training and hopefully some dog behavior research as well. It is true that your baby dog might catch something outside, but it is also true that if you wait too long to take your hound outside he will have potty training issues and the lack of socialization will result in a fearful and insecure adult dog.

This happens when dogs are mildly stressed and yawn to, both, calm themselves and signal to other hounds to calm down too.

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