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All house training methods will go far more smoothly if you have a fundamental understanding of a dog’s bodily processes. The house training method that best suits your and your puppy’s needs depends essentially on your lifestyle and tolerance level. If your lifestyle allows, the Direct method is the ideal method to house train your puppy or dog. The Direct method is ideal for dog owners who work at home, stay-at-home moms, retirees and those in other situations that allow them to be around their dog continuously. There are numerous reasons why it could be necessary to house train your puppy or dog indoors. Fortunately there are numerous tools on the market that aid in the Indoor house training method, even if it is a long term scenario.
The benefits of indoor house training are obvious, however the possible disadvantages are not that apparent.
You will eventually be able to leave your dog out of the crate for longer and longer periods. The majority of the rules and guidelines that apply to house training puppies, apply equally to house training adult dogs.
Dogs love to please so when they make the connection between being rewarded and their elimination in the proper place, they will be wanting to get it right all over again. However, when house training begins your dog does not have any idea that this is expected of them. Usually your dog or puppy will circle, sniff, scratch a door, whine or whimper for no other apparent reason.

This method is frequently called the Traditional method, without doubt as it has existed forever and does not require any of today’s mod-cons. You also require a property with easy access to an outdoors area where it is acceptable for your dog to do their business. Older puppies and adult dogs will commonly circle, sniff or scratch on the floor or door, whenever they have the urge, particularly when they are starting to comprehend that messing inside is a “no-no”. With sufficient repetition, your dog will begin to connect this word with (1) leaving the house and (2) subsequently doing their business. Say something like “go potty”, “make good girl”, “go pee-pee” – whatever works for you. We have merged all the indoor house training methods simply because all occur or begin inside your home. Nowadays, you can purchase everything – from pre-treated pads to totally functional interior toilets for your dog. If the Indoor method is a precursor to shifting things outdoors, your later house training is going to be delayed and definitely will never be as short as the Direct method. Should you be training an adult dog, call, cajole or lead them to the potty area when you see that pre-potty signs.
Say something like “go potty”, “make good boy”, “go pee-pee” – whatever works for you.
Apart from discouraging your dog from messing in your house, it also teaches a puppy they can hold in the urge to pee or poop.
If you are training a puppy you can purchase a larger crate with a divider to isolate the pup.

The more attention and focus you can give your new puppy or dog in this crucial training stage, the quicker the messy part of your partnership is going to be.
If you feed your dog or puppy at the same time each day, you will be able to predict when it is time for them to do their business.
Toilet training in a high-rise apartment does not leave many alternatives and puppy bladders are small and have to work frequently. You need to form a connection between the particular word and “toilet business” in your dog’s mind.
Not every dog is going to take to crate training, in particular those who have pre-existing anxiety issues. At the start, it might take a while for your dog to understand exactly what it is about, but they all get it in the end. They will not get the reason why you are yelling for something they did half an hour before. The transition is made from concentrating the toilet habits to one spot inside the house to one spot outside the house.

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