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Housebreaking Older Puppies For maturing puppies in the 4-7 month age group, a similar schedule can be adopted though the time interval between trips outside can be lengthened, making the schedule a little easier on the owner.
Young puppies need lots of human stimulus and feedback, so avoid relying too heavily upon the crate in the early months. Crating is recommended as part of the workday routine until a dog grows out of adolescence, at approximately 18 months of age. 10) There is no playing ball, running or chasing about the house, either by dogs, cats or humans while the dog and cat are out together.
Although Chihuahuas can be successfully potty-trained at any age, it's recommended that you start as soon you bring them into your home, preferably when they are still a puppy.
I have an 8 month old chi, he will go outside and go to the bathroom, but if he has to go, he will not wait for me to take him outside he will just go inside. I have a six month old chihuahua, I have tryed to potty train her outside, but I live in the north and some days we are minus 30 celcius and it is just too cold for her to be out. I have a 5 month old Chihuahua Ive had since she was 3 weeks old, bue to being rejected by her mother.
Hey there, I just recently adopted a 3 month old Chihuahua full blooded and I also have a 2 year old Shih-Tzu who is Puppy pad trained.
I adopted a Chihuahua mix from the shelter in September they think he is about 3 years old. First, the crate may be too large for current housebreaking purposes, thus allowing your dog to soil at one end and lie high and dry at the other.
In fact, they are both training and safety devices, and as such can benefit dog and owner alike.
The rule of thumb for crating is no longer than one hour per each month of age, up to 9 to 10 hours maximum (the average work day). Unless you plan on keeping your furry four-legged friend in a fenced-in backyard (not recommended), you'll have to teach them to use the bathroom outside the house and not inside. During the first 6-12 months of a Chihuahua's life, their brains are developing at a rapid pace; therefore, they will naturally catch on to routines and consistency. Instead of "hoping" your Chihuahua doesn't use the bathroom inside the house, you can rest assured knowing they are safely confined to their crate. I have 2 sister full bred Chihuahuas, now over 6 months old and still keep pooing in the house. At first he was PERFECT and would not have any accidents in the house he slept where ever he wanted but now it’s so common and it happends too often. Every time we put her on her pee pad she will sit there stubbornly for even an hour and as soon as she walks off will pee instantly on the carpet or floor.. Without the right advice, owners can flounder around trying to house train their puppies for months and, in some cases, years. Extra trips outside should be made following mealtimes and after the puppy transitions from one activity to another, as before. The key to training your dog to eliminate outside (where you want him to) is to prevent accidents, and to reward success.
Crating on a humane schedule teaches puppies bladder and bowel control and limits a teething demon to his own property. Those buying crates for puppies should keep the adult dog's size in mind; but until the pup grows up, excess room should be cordoned off in some manner. Proceed slowly when it's time to wean your dog off the crate; leave him alone for just a few hours at a time. Unfortunately, however, Chihuahuas have a notorious reputation for being a breed that's difficult and downright stubborn to housebreak. After you see them peeing or pooping inside the house, tell them "No!" and walk them outside.

For the past month, she has been using the potty all through the house, usually on an area rug or on the carpet. Our Chihuahua will use the puppy pad sometimes but most of the times she’ll go and pee on our rug in our living room.
At this stage, older puppies should be able to hold their urine through the night, though it may be necessary to rise a little earlier than usual to prevent early morning accidents. Adult dogs have better bladder and bowel control, and can 'hold it' for a longer period of time than puppies. Do this for maximum 3 minutes: if he eliminates, huge praise and playif he doesn't eliminate, keep him on leash, go back indoors, keep dog on leash with you or confined in a crateTry again in an hour eventually your dog will eliminate appropriately and You can give huge praise and play After each success, allow 15 minutes of freedom in house, before placing dog back on lead or back into crate After each 3 consecutive days of success, increase freedom by 15 minutes.
Most folks paper-train by putting down papers in one spot, taking the puppy to the spot until the dog seems to "get it," then leaving the dog in peace to eliminate. A dog tie-out can cost from $5 on up to $ 35 and this will keep your neighbors happy, your dog safe and save you some money in fines.
You can begin walking your Chihuahua to other parts of the yard once they are older and fully potty-trained, but stick to a designated area during their early puppy years. They like the comfort of the house and I dont use pads as I dont agree with them and dont want it in my house. We have successfully gotten her to potty on her pee pad several times but it has taken a lot of time hours and patience.
Some maintain that puppies can be adopted already house trained at the age of 9 weeks but you have to understand the certain physiological limitations if you are to achieve and maintain this utopian state. The truth is that practically any Chihuahua, no matter how old they are, can be potty-trained when it's done correctly and under the right circumstances. As the owner of three Chihuahuas myself, I frequently find my Chis hiding in their crates even with they are allowed to roam the house free. When we are not home she is confind to the hallway and bathroom, but when I am home she is loose in the house. At the other end of the spectrum are certain terrier breeders who maintain that their puppies cannot be fully house trained until they are 1 year of age, but I suspect these folk are doing something wrong. I dont see why it is acceptable because they are small As if it was my german shepherd doing that in the house she would be gone.
I’m trying to teach him that it is unacceptable to go in the house!I also crate him during the day when no one is home! It is probably par for the course to bring home a 2 or 3 month old puppy that, when unsupervised, has occasional accidents on the floor, and it is probably reasonable to expect to have the puppy fully trained by 4 months of age. Conclusion: Invest Time House Training Your Puppy Now for Future Gain House training a puppy is like potty-training an infant.
Treats go a long ways when it comes to potty-training and obedience training, so use them to your advantage. Physiological Limitations Within Young Puppies Young puppies of 2, 3, and even 4-months of age have limitations when it comes to the time for which they can contain their urine.
Take your pup to the papers on leash, teaching her a toileting command such as "Do your business," and praise her for a job well done. This type of training will also tend to result in a dog which does not chase cats at all because it is not building on the pack and possession instinct aspects of behavior. A place away from your pooches food and water, so you will lose some space in your home.Indoor training is also a bit impractical if you have a large breed dog as they produce so much waste and a Labrador certainly qualifies here. With an intense effort, a puppy can be house broken within 7 days, that is, if you have the patience. The usual formula for estimating the number of hours for which a puppy can hold its urine is N+1, where N is the puppy’s age in months. Even with a less-than-optimal effort, house breaking can be achieved within 2 to 4 weeks, so that by the time a puppy is 4 months old, it should be properly house trained or you are doing something wrong.

So, for example, a 3-month old puppy should be able to hold its urine for approximately 4 hours in a pinch. This teaches and encourages your puppy to learn how to control their bowels and bladder.So by supervising your puppy when they are outside the crate and taking them to their toilet spot when they need to go, and crating them when you cannot supervise them, a puppy never gets a chance to make a mistake by toileting in the wrong place. This means that if you have a properly toilet trained 4-month-old puppy that, theoretically, can hold its urine for 5 hours, and you shut that puppy in a crate for 6 or 7 hours, you are courting disaster.
If house soiling persists, it is as a result of owners not providing the appropriate opportunities for their puppies to learn.
This dramatically speeds up the house training process.For a more detailed discussion of using a crate during house training, please click here.
Puppies that are crated for longer than they can contain themselves will be forced to soil where they stand. So if your end goal is to train your dog to only ever toilet outside, the house training process will take far longer with this method.Constant supervisionThis method is exactly what it sounds like and is simply where you constantly supervise your puppy.
Sample Schedule for a 3-Month-Old Puppy Working on the basis that a 3-month-old puppy can hold its urine for up to 4 hours, any house training schedule for a young puppy of this age must be designed with this fact in mind.
But so you know what to expect, here a few universal truths that apply to house training:Very young puppies have very little control over their bowels and bladder. It is best to have the puppy on lead so it doesn’t wander off and become engaged in some other absorbing activity. This is normal.Even when a puppy can control their bladder and bowels, they cannot hold it for long. Frequent toilet trips are essential!A lot of puppies learn the rules, but then go backwards, almost as if they’ve completely forgotten.
Continue with the house training plan and it will stick eventually.You cannot expect any puppy to be fully house trained before 6 months of age. Note that different puppies will have slightly different times after a meal at which they need to go to the bathroom. There are four ways in which a puppy’s freedom can be limited under these circumstances while you watch it with an eagle eye.
What to do if Your Puppy has an Accident Inside First and foremost, do not punish your puppy for having an accident inside the house. Rather, learn to appreciate the subtle signs the puppy exhibits before eliminating indoors (circling, sniffing, etc.) and apprehend it before it gets into the squatting position so that you can escort it outside. If you are a few moments too late and the puppy is caught midstream, it is reasonable to make a loud noise as a distraction to arrest the flow of urine by causing the puppy’s sphincters to contract. Then, with a smile on your face, escort or carry the puppy outside to the proper location to finish its business. If you leave a puppy for longer than it can hold its urine, it will have an accident and this will set you back on the housebreaking schedule. Instead, you should bring the eager puppy with you, where possible, and bear in mind its needs. Or, you can leave your puppy with an informed neighbor who will take over the training where you left off. If you have to go out of the house for 2 or 3 hours, it is reasonable to confine the puppy in a small area where it is less likely to soil (e.g. If the puppy is used to being confined at night and does not experience grief, this is the best option.

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