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I have attempted to crate train as I did with my other dog before her, but it is not working. I know she can hold it because I crate her all night while we sleep and I also know she knows it is wrong to poop and pee in the house. I've tried everything, the bell on the door, the doors closed, her attached to me, but to no avail, she will be great all day and then when not attached to me and not crated she eventually goes somewhere in my house and I'm so done! Last night I took her out before I went to bed and not even an hour later I heard her urinating in her cage. Enzymatic cleaners will take the smell out and I would take up the water a couple or hours before bedtime or only offer a small amount. I am wondering if it is to late now, because he thinks doing his business in the house is normal I guess.

We just put all new flooring throughout our house and my husband and I are both simply fed up. Here's the story: I've had my miniature Dachshund Hendrix since he was around 6 months old. We lived in a house with a garden when we got him, and he was outside with our other dog (fully house trained) when we were at work. We moved to an apartment with a small garden, and started to walk them to go pee and poop as often as possible, but he refused for the better part of a year. Once our other dog escaped from the garden (we got her back right away though thankfully!) and we decided to keep them inside when we weren't home. He and my other dog have a limited space, not the whole house, they have a Kong each, chews, their beds, and toys - and each other - so I don't know if he's just bored or has separation anxiety, but I really need to sort this problem out.

The same couple has done it now twice - they love the dogs and the dogs love them, but the accidents drive everyone a bit nuts.
We're traveling again in December so I'd love to have him properly house-trained by then if possible so we don't wear out our lovely friends.
It's hard to find people who get on with the dogs so well and that we can trust when we're out of town! He said that Jumba (the dog) has been doing this for months now even before we were together.

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