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With all of the scare regarding tainted dog food, I began making my 3 Jack Russells home made dog food.
Please Note:  Take a minute to read through the comments, there are some great suggestions, tips, and warnings when it comes to making your own dog food.
Please do not try to make food for your cat at home unless you get a specific recipe from a veterinary nutritionist. Cats need taurine, which is found in red meat, hearts and livers, so if you choose to feed your cat a homemade meal it can be done if you make sure there is an adequate amount of those ingredients. My dog had problem with his skin and ears and I found out that he is allergic to yeast and other things, so it is an food allergy . I just recently found out that the yeast infections are caused primarily from the grains in processed dog food.

Hi we fed pedigree when we had a few money worries – then we ended up with vets bills because the dogs skin flared up and anal gland issues. I read a recipe for a homemade cat food with canned ssalmon, mackerel, chicken and hardboiled eggs, shell and all! We had a beloved dog that could not eat packaged dog food so I always made his food for him .
Being an animal activist I research what animal food manufacturers I should buy from and I ensure that I’m not giving harsh ingredients (or support companies that are cruel to animals).
I can tell a big difference in her health and she has such a great coat of fur after adding these human foods to her diet.
I think this whole discussion boils down too no one has the secret recipe for making dogs live forever.

Rickets, nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism and others are real nutritional diseases that used to be a lot more prevalent before commercial dog diets. It just makes sense to me that God designed dogs to eat real food and it’s not rocket science just common sense. If you and your animal follow common sense and eat a variety of foods, you and your animal will get the nutrients you need.

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