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Known locally as an exceptionally accomplished stockperson and dog trainer who has a knack for making the sport of sheep and duck herding understandable and fun, Clark always has a full slate of students. Every August for the past five years, she has invited Larry Painter up from Missouri to give her students another perspective on herding. This year we were anxious to see what the youngest dogs could offer, what the people who were having a few handling problems could learn, and how the new folks who were joining us worked their dogs.

The weekend was a great opportunity to not only see dogs and learn from what Larry could tell us, but also—this being the Midwest—to vie for top honors at the lunch table! This year we were able to celebrate a new Herding Champion title (HC) earned by a Working Kelpie in our group—a breed first. Often, dogs will try to steal food from the plate in your lap when you're having guests over or at a party.

A veritable feast is always laid out midday, a few neighbors stop by to watch the dogs and visit, young dogs who need a bit of socialization are brought up, the latest batch of kittens is examined, and herding gossip flows freely.

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