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Measure from the base of the tail (where it connects to the hindquarters) up to where the collar typically sits at the base of the neck, then follow up with a generous back scratch. This ultimate, eco-friendly dog collar is naturally dyed pure hemp - one of nature's strongest fabrics. Planet Dog is an eco thinking company that makes eco-friendly pet products for a good cause.
DOUBLE CHARITY DOLLARSNaturally strong and eco-friendly hemp creates this incredibly durable leash.
This collar has lots of practical features for active dogs, including a strong seatbelt-like buckle, a silicone tag silencer, and a separate metal ring to which to attach a leash.

A percentage of their sales goes to the Planet Dog Foundation that trains, places and supports dogs who work to help people in need. She is well known amongst her family and friends for sporting a different collar every week, which I change after her Sunday afternoon bath so she can start the week off fabulously. I would not recommend this collar for small dogs because the fleece lining doubles back when the collar is adjusted, making it rather bulky. I own other Ruffwear products, and this collar is similarly durable and attractively designed.
You'll find this collar will stand up to the more rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps and the occasional roll in the sand.

I think owners of outdoorsy medium and large dogs could really take advantage of all this collar has to offer. This collar is out of stock right now, but never fear: I found it on other major pet retail sites and at less than one third of the price.

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