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The best way to prevent dog separation anxiety from developing in a puppy is to invest in a crate and start training your pup to love her crate. Most destructive behavior caused by puppy separation anxiety occurs in the first 30 minutes.
Finally, the key to being successful with dog training for separation anxiety is to go slowly and to desensitize your dog to being alone.
It is very important for dog owners to clearly understand what exactly separation anxiety is.
It is often difficult to understand how many well trained dogs also go through separation anxiety.
On the other hand, when the dog is really suffering from separation anxiety, it will show signs of being stressed out. Dogs suffering from SA experience anything from mild anxiety to uncontrollable panic when left alone.
Our certification program teaches accomplished trainers how to successfully resolve separation anxiety cases. Malena De Martini-Price has dedicated her career to finding better ways to treat separation anxiety. We serve dogs and their families suffering from separation anxiety in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country and internationally.

Just like young children, even the best pups experience separation anxiety when they’re left alone. Kudos to all of you who have committed to helping your dog and thank God for the internet, books, researchers and all of the knowledgeable behaviorist, trainers and vets who are available today to help us help our pets.
Some dogs experience separation anxiety after they go through any traumatic or life changing events as this changes their outlook about many things. Separation anxiety drives dogs to destroy their homes, bark until the neighbors complain, even harm themselves in their panic.
She oversees a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers in order to help as many dogs as possible. Rescue dogs or pets with abusive backgrounds especially sense panic when they find themselves separated from their owners. The destruction and house soiling that may come with separation anxiety are part of a panic response.
By following the steps, you will teach your pup that she has a safe place to go when you leave AND it will prevent her from engaging in destructive behavior that can develop into a habit.BUT, if, you already have an adult dog with separation anxiety, then don't despair, I definitely have some help for you and I don't recommend crating her when you leave, unless she already loves being in her crate.
Also changes in normal routine or even shifting houses can sometime cause separation anxiety. It causes dog owners great stress and worry, breaks their banks as they replace destroyed rugs, furniture, and doorframes, and their hearts as they watch their dogs suffer.

I’ve spent over a decade specializing in separation anxiety, and have trained a small army of the very best trainers to help in my work to bring relief to as many dogs and their people as possible. You can talk to your vet about a mild anti-anxiety drug that won’t sedate your dog but should simply reduce overall anxiety. When dogs undergo separation anxiety, they usually show stressed behavior, and also exhibit behavioral issues. Dogs without self-control often exhibit such behavior, which is commonly known as simulated separation anxiety.
Out of all pets, dogs are the ones that are most thoroughly looked after; medically, physically as well as emotionally. All or some of these signs indicate that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety.
Most daycares organize dogs into play groups specific for size and temperament and teach your pup to interact with other pets and humans alike.

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