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Since I began running regularly (almost a year ago), I have been taking my boyfriend's dog with me for some of the runs I do when we are physically together (we live 3.5 hours apart, and I only see him usually every other weekend or so). You don't want to use a body harness on a dog, especially if its a big dog, all that does is give the dog more power. I have been saying all along that I wanted to maybe invest in a hands free leash, but just never got around to it.

We found no hands-free leashes at PetSmart, but at a local boutique pet store we found 2 models. He offered to buy both, but it seemed silly to get 2 leashes for the same purpose so I agreed to let him get the one he liked better since it was his dog and all and he will be using it more, provided he sticks to running.
Which my BF liked but I didn't because I think it makes it harder to control her (he is a lot stronger than me and can control the dog on the leash a lot better than me in general so her being able to run farther ahead is fine with him, but I like her closer to me so I feel more in control).

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