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Whether it be Hunting Dog Training or preparing and campaigning a German Shorthair Pointer for Field Trial Training, your needs can be met here at Hunting Dog Trainer Kennels. It doesn’t do an owner much good to have a dog that can run a straight line in the field and retrieve game, but can’t follow basic obedience commands. Early on in the dog’s life, it is important that it has exposure to the types of environments that it is expected to work in later on.
We believe that with fair and consistent training every retriever can reach their full potential. We teach the dogs to quarter, mark the fall, and heel to your side to deliver the bird to hand. Our hunting dog training grounds include our own 20 acres of real "Wild Bird" High Desert Habitat with Quail and Chukar available year round and Pheasants upon request with thousands of unfenced wild acres surrounding our facility.
But, getting an untrained puppy to become a skilled and trained hunting dog is a long journey that requires patience and consistent hard work.
These include socialization, obedience training, gunfire conditioning, and the more advanced hunting training. But, during the process of training there will be a lot of moments of difficulty and impatience. Obedience training is the first type of training that will help the dog prepare for advanced hunting training. With experience outdoors, a hunting dog will be more acclimated and prepared to deal with environmental obstacles and other animals. There is nothing more detrimental to training processes than sending mixed messages to a dog by responding differently to the same behavior. Whether you own a waterfowl retriever, a flushing retriever, or a pointing Labrador, we can customize our training to suit your dog. You are encouraged to visit your dog and learn how to handle them yourself along with how to perform certain training techniques.

This gives your dog the unique opportunity to be worked on water no matter what time of year it is. By making retrieving an exciting experience early on, your dog will have a love of retrieving all their life. We train a well-rounded pointing Lab by teaching them to mark, quarter, swim, retrieve, and deliver to hand, and balance this with bringing out the dog's natural point. Training begins from the moment that a gun dog puppy is picked up for the first time, and continues all the way up to the first hunt and well afterward. Hunting training involves using training dummies, training the dog to head in a straight line toward a target, retrieving training, and more.
The more comfortable that a gun dog is around people, the easier it will be for it to be trained to respect its owner and others. Food sources may include store bought dog food, but the food should be labeled as being for working dogs or high performance dogs.
It is a good idea to also purchase scented decoys of the type of game that the dog will be working with so that it learns the smell, texture, and size of the game. Also, gradually increasing the level and amount of training over time is widely considered to be the best method.
No matter what type of hunting you do, your dog should work with you, be confident, and be eager to hunt. Before your hunting dog goes home, Mike will personally spend time with you to teach you the commands, answer any of your questions, and explain the ideas behind his training. This is a great program for a young duck dog ready to go into training, or for a competition dog continuing their water work.
Your dog will learn to mark with both bumpers and birds, and to retrieve from the land and water. Your dog will learn to use their nose to find birds, to stay within range, and will have their natural point strengthened with live birds.

Also socializing a gun dog puppy or dog with other dog breeds and animals is highly recommended, as the dog will have to learn how to react and respond to animals in the field as you hunt. This is the foundation of gun dog training and it should never be overlooked or underestimated in its importance. It is common to supplement store bought food with homemade dog food as well for hunting dogs. We want you to be comfortable handling your dog and even training them yourself, if you wish. We teach the dogs many different types of retrieves, including open water and multiple entry retrieves, so that no matter where you hunt your dog will have the confidence to push through obstacles to retrieve a fallen bird.
Teach the puppy through positive reinforcement; this is scientifically proven to be a highly effective type of training. Your dog will learn to use their nose to search for a fallen bird in different types of cover, take a straight line back to you, and deliver to hand. We also train for the APLA (American Pointing Labrador Association) Hunt Tests, and have trained and handled multiple dogs to their Master and Grand Master titles. Breaks should include water as gun dogs often are dehydrated so monitoring water intake is very important. We also steady each waterfowl dog to a Dog Hut, which allows the dog to have a great view of incoming birds while keeping you dry and the dog hidden. A gun dog will appreciate its owner’s positive attitude and respond even better to his or her training efforts.

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