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While I enjoyed helping all of these organizations I truly love working with puppies and dogs while also helping people. I did consider for a short while going back to fostering (this may be something I do again in the future), but I’ve always enjoyed the long term commitment of training a puppy from 8 week old puppies to 18 month old young adults.
I wanted the opportunity to work with not only the puppies in training, but also the clients. Before I became a GDA Puppy Raiser I researched and applied to several other Guide and Service Dog organizations in southern California. Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) – I met with the Mission Viejo, CA group several times. Guide Dogs of the Desert (GDD) – I sent my application and emailed them several times, but never heard back. Shortly after turning Apache (my 4th GDA pup) in for formal training I decided I wanted to raise a service dog puppy in training instead of a guide dog. There were two organizations that stood out for me: Tender Loving Canine Assistance Dogs and Canine Support Teams. This is really an awesome blog Colby, I love pets a lot and want to take up puppy training.
Since you have done so much research into service dogs I was wondering if it is possible to apply for a service dog if you aren’t aware of what the dog is sensing. I was wondering if you had any leads regarding training a SD in the San Antonio, TX, area.
You might be able to find a Service Dog organization on the Assistance Dogs International website.
I know I’m a little late it already being towards the end of September, but this month (September) is National Guide Dog Month. A couple days ago we visited our local Petco to pickup some dog food and poop bags for the boys (Linus, Stetson, and Dublin).
Guide Dogs improve the lives of the visually impaired by creating opportunities for life-changing independence and through community outreach and education programs.

Unfortunately, the guide dog organization we volunteer for, Guide Dogs of America is not on the list of schools receiving donations this year. After 6 months go back to GDA for graduation, to see your pup again (now working guide dog) and his new visually impaired handler. Stetson – he went to formal training for 2 months and ended up getting dropped for being too soft.
I’ve stopped calling them Guide Dog dropouts like I used to and now refer to them as Career Changing dogs. There’s a black Lab in the Search and Rescue group my husband and Kuster are with who is a career change dog. Yep, every once in a while we have dogs that act like that and just love to chase the ball. Our first puppy- Volt- went back to SA Guide-dogs on October 19th to start his formal training, so I am waiting with baited breath to hear how he’s doing! I was flipping through my Golden Retriever Guide Dog Puppy In Training, Apache’s folder and came across a dog training checklist. As puppy raisers we receive our guide dog puppies in training at around 7 weeks of age and from that point we work on their socialization, obedience, house manners, etc. I work hard on my guide dog puppy’s obedience, socialization and house manners and by the time my puppy is 14 months of age I try to have all 18 items on the dog training checklist marked off. Just in case you were wondering about this checklist, here’s a look at the 18 dog training items I try to complete by the time my puppy is 14 months of age. Of course Dublin was perfect when he started his formal guide dog training a few months ago ┬áHonestly, I would answer yes to all of the above questions for Dublin, but I would not say he totally mastered all of the above. They evaluate rescues for work with psychiatric and mobility assistance, and also help with their training. I raised 1 for Guide Dogs of Desert, 6 for Southeastern Guide Dogs (4 matched and 1 in final training) and now w St Francis Service Dogs in VA.
I am awaiting a new guide dog from GDD or if one does not look like it is coming soon switching to rescuing and owner training a dog.

Also It is great to know your love for dogs and your interest to learn more as service dog puppy raiser.
My first dog graduated and recently retired with his blind person who my mother is still in contact with today.
He had been passed around between owners and had suffered from depression when first a dog he was bonded with died and then an older woman he bonded with passed away. The organization do all this without the benefit of paid employees or a shelter to house these needy dogs up for adoption.
I’m very curious to see if Jazlyn wants to be a guide dog, especially with her 9 month evaluation coming up.
It is always sweet hearing the stories of his world travels with Mildred who found amazing freedom with her guide.
I have a good 6 years or so before I really have to worry about a new working dog, but I rely so much on Spunky now that I worry about life without him or another dog watching out for me in public. Susannah Charleson of Possibility Dogs took over when Gizmo started his task training, and has worked with him based on my needs. My other two dogs were career changed due to health reasons, but they are happy in new homes now. They don’t like us to overlap puppies as in having two puppies to raise with a single raiser. Another awesome aspect of Possibility Dogs is that instead of money, they ask their clients to contribute service. Since most disabled people are on fixed incomes and have trouble raising the funds to pay for a dog or training, we provide our skills. The chances of getting a pet dog that can sense something we don’t even know about is so slim.

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