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The German Wirehaired Pointer was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany.
The coat of the German Wirehaired Pointer requires brushing with a firm bristle brush twice weekly. The National Rescue Co-ordinator is Jay Boden and you should contact her in the first instance regarding rescuing a GWP unless otherwise stated.

We deal with true rescues and abandonments, along with those dogs which are required to be re-homed for personal reasons. The German Wirehaired Pointer Club Rescue and Rehoming (GWPC Rescue) is the official Kennel Club recognised Rescue and Rehoming organisation for the German Wirehaired Pointer.
1 CommentAnonymousThe German Wirehaired Pointer is a great family dog that is active and loyal.

If socialized to children and raised with children at a young age, the German Wirehaired Pointer can be a wonderful companion for children, large and small.

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