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Registration information, 1 year health guarentee, a sample of food your puppy is eating, and a sales contract will also be included with your puppy. We represent the highest quality of rare colored Blue tri, chocolate, lilac English Bulldogs for sale anywhere. AKC Chocolate English bulldog that produces the Rare colors of Blue, Black , Chocolate, Seal, and Lilac in English Bulldogs.
Blue Tri French Bulldogs are one of the most if not the most rare color pattern in the Frenchie World at this time. We here at Southern Pride strive to produce is a short and cobby Blue French bulldog, with heavier bone and smashed square face.

We have produced Our Blue tan tri french bulldog puppies are blue, blue fawn, and black and tan french bulldog from hungarian Champion bloodlines.
We produce Blue tri French bulldog puppies with wrinkly faces with lots of rolls, nicely rounded and thick body. These puppies are not for everyone as they can be quite costly usually starting at around $10,000 each puppy.
In general we Produce AKC Quality blue French bulldog with plenty of substance, muscle and girth. We also exotic rare colors french bulldogs that are not common and much harder to produce than your standard color french bulldogs.

Our kennel is nationally recognized as having some of the finest Blue french bulldogs and Black , blue, lilac and chocolate english bulldogs in the world. These two variants of Blue French Bulldogs often have blue or yellowish gold colored eyes.
I truly believe that if you are looking for a Rare Bulldog puppy for sale you will not find better kennels anywhere.

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