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This list is useful for all the pet lovers across the world as they will find pet-themed applications, games and entertainment apps geared to pet lovers. The pet gaming apps comes with top quality graphics, sounds and animations with tons of exciting features. Now, with Fish Tycoon introduction for iPhone and iPod, this fantastic game is taken with you all the time. As the new Royal Dragon Keeper of Dragonia, your task is to care for appealing dragons in your kingdom.
Complete this feat by feeding, playing, petting with favorite toys or can dress them in different costumes.
This app allows you to raise, feed and breed your virtual fish to fill aquarium with stunning and captivating sea life. Playing littlest pet shop is free but if you wish you can improve your experience by acquiring game items for real money. Adopt Chibi Pet and raise it so that you can perfectly understand their world and their change. This sweet teddy loves to be ticked, likes dancing to songs, and has multiple reactions when you touch it, but do not poke Teddy in eyes or you will make it cry. Collect some latest and cutest pets and explore four unique environments where you can care and play with pets in an array of mini-games. You can have more fun with your friend if you spend more time, and can earn more stuff for pet shop which includes play sets, new pets, accessories and more.
The app comes with pretty powerful graphics and perfect forecasting service that gives required crucial information. This app perfectly combines virtual pets and task management features along with talking abilities. Your new pet can understand more than 25 spoken commands in free version and up to 70 in the paid version. There are wide ranges of options available for every animal such as tops, hairstyles, shoes, jackets and tons of accessories such as bracelets, hats, jewelry, purses, bags, sunglasses and belts.
This virtual pet app permits you to play with realistic cat, made beautifully in exciting 3D computer graphics.
There is wide variety of options available for each and every animal like tops, hairstyles, jackets, bottoms, shoes and tons of accessories such as bracelets, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, belts and purses. Tom is a pet cat who responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a peculiar voice. Get ready for downloading this special fun, cute and the most addictive virtual pet that everyone is talking about.
Wash, feed, tickle and put the egg to bed every day to keep it healthy as it offers coins for you.

It is an award-winning virtual fish breeding game from the creators of applauded Virtual Villagers series. It is your own interactive virtual pet and the app is more than a pet, it’s a friend and companion. Virtual currency can be earned through quests and success, and the tanks can be decorated in your own style. There is a mini game inside the game that allows you to earn cursed coinage to purchase more stuff for pet zombie. The game is the fun world under sea where you care and play with dolphins and many other creatures. Feed, raise, clean, teach, train, execute multiple tricks and play interesting mini games with gorgeous little cat, dog, llama or hamster.
You can record everything and create your own Talking Pet videos to share through YouTube, Facebook, Email or Twitter. It introduces you to the exciting and growing Chibi Pets world, small creatures live in other dimensions between wireless spectrums. You can find more Chibi Pets by connecting Chibi Pet Spice, Chibi Pet Sugar and Chibi Pet Snips to trade items.
Fred, the funny and freaky philosopher, responds to touches and repeats whatever you speak out.
Jump into your PET SHOP world, quirky pets, fully cute that come to life magically in an impressive digital world.
It is an exciting new way to be in touch with your friends through an appealing virtual pet. No cleanup is required for Harro and does not strain carpets, and loves to play for several hours. It is your own cute virtual app, and suits for your whole family and people at different age groups. You will be rewarded points for maintaining pet and can be redeemed in the marketplace for pet items.
It is a unique combination of virtual pet and weather app that rewards you to keep rabbit happy by dressing it with different clothes to meet current weather conditions. Also, you can access 10-day and hourly forecasts to make sure that rabbit is ready to come in the rain or shine.
Welcome to wonderful Habbits world and can be used as an electronic nanny that plays with virtual pets. In this exciting virtual pet game with babysitting elements your duty is to provide care for all pets and keep up with demanding wishes. Your kids can create stylish, cute and funny looks for all these animals with the help of this application.

Decorate the petogotchi’s rooms in your own way, and there are lots of cute paint and flooring options.
Achievements and special items can be unlocked with petogotchi, which brings you extra coins. It is a 3D game with super distorted characters combining fancy moves to shift runestones around and an epic fighting style. You will get an opportunity to double the score at the end of every action by playing mini game. You can give any name and color, and a photo for personalized background image for monkey to play. You can capture picture of your room and play with puppy anytime in the virtual room on your smartphone. It is the perfect game for kids, which includes educational mini games with positive assertion to develop children’s memory, counting, reflexes, reasoning, coordination and motor skills.
The app listens to music and talking around and repeats for entertaining your family, friends and colleagues. Be careful while playing this game as Nyan Cat game and music are more addictive, and the game can be played at your own risk.
Join the community where 30 million people care for expensive pets together, making friends and share fun.
It is considered as the general store for purchasing toys, food and accessories for your puppy. 4 events for birds to compete in, hurdles, sumo wrestling, beauty contest and game show like event, and more events are coming soon. You can enhance bird living conditions by winning events and building and upgrading best quality rooms for them.
Chose your pet and become a Vet Doctor treating Ticks, Fleas, Ear Infections, Rabies, Rashes and more. If feeding is done properly then he will be growing and you can enjoy for thousands of hours by watching him. Create a new look for all your favorite pets to share with all your friends.Definitely, your kids will love playing this game.

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