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While to us humans a slop of wet dog food may look just the same as some chunks of canned cat food, the truth is they are very different indeed. What I have written above says it all really, although some elements of dog food will benefit a cat, the ingredients will be in the wrong form, or maybe too much of a certain vitamin or mineral that will be counter productive and might even harm your cat. Because a cat has different nutritional demands, by eating dog food they may eat too much of one substance and not enough of another.
Dogs on the other hand are able to physically create taurine within their own bodies – this means dog food lacks this compound that is in fact vital for cats. Again, another deficiency that a cat will experience if fed dog food would be absence of arachidonic acid in their bodies. As I have said, the fact cats are obligate carnivores and dogs are not, means their requirements are quite different.

Dogs on the other hand are omnivores, like humans they can consume a lot of non-protein foods such as vegetables or fruits – these make up a large portion of average dog food ingredients, they are also ingredients that can disagree with cats. While a little bit of dog food won’t ham your cat, if they eat dog food over a long period of time they will be missing out on a lot of nutrition that they actually need to have a healthy balanced diet and therefore life.
Cat food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of cats, where as dog food ingredients are meant for the health of dogs. This negates any potential health benefits you think your cat might get by eating dog food. Because of this cats require higher levels of protein than dogs in the overall cat food ingredient ratio.
Dog food contains lot of beta-carotene and becomes a good source for vitamin A for canines.

If you feed you cat dog food you are not looking after them properly, as this translates as a poor nutritional diet. Cats need their vitamin A delivered in a form different to this, and proper cat food supplies this.

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