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Unlike training dogs who are food aggressive towards humans, we have to take into consideration the stress level of the other dog who will participate in the training sessions. Set up an additional tether at a comfortable distance from your GD where you can secure the HD (this can be the same dog or even better different dogs throughout the training). It is instinctive for dogs to be protective around food, belongings like toys, even territory. Finally, use common courtesy and respect the dog’s right to enjoy an uninterrupted meal provided, of course, your pup has been trained and put through the paces.
Finally, while the dog is eating some less interesting dry food, place a much more exciting food (such as a piece of chicken) in the bowl.

I recommend using a harness during the training so that if the guarding dog lunges forward at any point we aren’t creating any unnecessary stress or strain on his neck. We have to find a food item that you GD will desire as much if not more than the rawhide bone or toy that he would typically guard.
Guarding is a natural behavior, and it is only through slow and methodical science based animal training that we can change a dog’s emotional perception of how he should interact with us and other dogs regarding high value food items. So my question is other than reinforcing good interactions and avoiding and interactions around food and toys, is there any exercises you can do for resource guarding of dog on dog. Relax!” Through early socialization we are able to teach young puppies that resources are plentiful, and that we are the provider of all resources and that aggressive  behavior around food does not benefit them.

When another dog goes away, good things stop happening (no more tasty bits of high value food).
Yet, try convincing an adult dog that after he has had the opportunity to practice aggressive behavior with food before you acquired him. Right now he knows that if he becomes aggressive he gets to keep his food (or so he thinks).

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