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During your puppy’s first 16 weeks of life, known as the “socialization window,” he’s learning constantly. Most basic dog training classes equip you with a number of commands (sit, down) and send you on your way. We sharpen your dog’s existing cues (this class is designed for dogs who have a sit, down and leave-it) and we add a few new ones to give your dog the skills he needs to be a well-rounded and polite canine citizen.
The Classy Canine includes: polite greeting, leashing up manners, impulse control, loose leash walking and attention, coming when called in the presence of distractions, calmly settling when asked, improving your sits, downs and leave its, and to make sure you are having fun we will practice a couple of tricks too! Growly Dog includes: One private 90 minute in-home consultation to ensure this is the correct class for you and your dog. Prerequisites: Good obedience skills, dog- and people-friendly, preferably an Advance Manners class.
In this class, we will take you through a curriculum that prepares you and your dog for the test to become a certified Delta Society Pet Partners team. Therapy Dog includes: Preparing you and your dog for therapy visits, identifying and lessening stress in your dog, canine health and safety, special needs of specific client groups, how to interact with different types of people, facility health and safety codes, and patient confidentiality.

In this fun class-come-field-trip, we take your dog’s basic manners skills and put them to the test in the real world. We give you the lowdown on puppy training, equipment, routines, what brain toys are and how to use them, and provide supervised playtime with other vaccinated puppies. Also: Lure training, body blocking, canine motivation and body language, and how to use brain toys. In this class, you will take your dog’s skills to the next level by working on behaviors that help your best friend be the best companion he can be. Your dog won’t magically become calm as a cucumber, but there’s much you can do to lessen the severity of your dog’s reaction and manage your walks so they become pleasant again.
Following the in-home consultation the class will meet for 60-90 minutes weekly for 6 weeks. Also: Lure training, equipment, canine motivation and body language, and how to use brain toys. By their mere presence, dogs reduce our blood pressure, speed up healing, slow our heart rates, and relieve depression and anxiety.

The recall command that worked so well in class falls apart outside when a new dog walks by or a pigeon flaps a wing.That’s why, at Everything Dog, we teach classes that equip you for real-life challenges. We will work on changing your dog’s association with the thing that makes him bark, providing you with specific skills and strategies to use in the presence of a trigger, selecting appropriate walking routes, using visual and body blocking, learning to advocate for your dog to reduce the embarrassment factor. We’ll show you how to modify dog training exercises to work for small dogs, take you through in-home management, and talk about everything from small-dog equipment to the best toys. All the more reason to take up animal assisted therapy work if you have a sweet-natured, confident dog that enjoys people. If you want your puppy to grow up into a polite, well-adjusted dog, you need to introduce him to many people, dogs, places, sounds, and situations during that time.
Small dogs can be just as big a nuisance as their larger cousins and can inflict serious damage if bad habits are left unchanged.

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