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I don’t understand why so many people want to blame or criticize Cesar for his techniques with dogs. The Dogs: Changing the world through positive reinforcementThe Dogs is a place for dog lovers and the non-human animals who tolerate them.
Controversy: Millan's methods with training dogs have split opinionA wave of protests was unleashed even before The Alan Titchmarsh Show went out on ITV yesterday afternoon.
I think Millan might have needed just the sort of shock Titchmarsh delivered in order to “snap his head out of it” (something Millan often says he’s doing to dogs when he kicks or otherwise physically spooks or prods them).

WIth a little luck and a few more light verbal touches from informed and compassionate positive reinforcement advocates, his appetite for dialogue and his interest in the welfare of dogs may outlast his attachment to moribund dominance dogma. He goes into situations where dogs display dangerous, aggressive or otherwise unhealthy behavior.
Sometimes, a pronged collar or minor shock treatments are the difference between a dog living or dying.
That being said, obviously his techniques will differ from the guy at Petco who teaches dogs to sit.

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