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Brain facts give you interesting information about one for the important parts of human body.
The information will be sent and received to the body from the brain since this part contains billions of nerve cells.
The brain tissue will be destroyed when people face stroke.  This condition is related from the blood clot which makes the blood supply disturbed. Heart Transplant facts will be rare for those who want to get the information about this important medical activity.
If you want to be informed with muscles of the body, you have to read Muscular System Facts. I was interested in also more practical ways to exercise your brain, and an article I found indicated several ways to stimulate brain activity, and increase ways to fight against the loss of brain cells.
After reading your article, I started to connect with the things that you pointed out like stress and poor eating habits.
Despite the popular misconception that brain cells do not grow back, brain cells do, in fact, grow back.

This part of body is the place where the movement, Decision, memories, thought and nervous system are controlled.
Compared to the brain of other mammals in similar body size, human brain is 3 times bigger.
There are several parts included in cerebrum such as cerebellum, corpus callosum, hippocampus, hypothalamus, brain stem, cerebral cortex, and thalamus.
Knowing what kills brain cells has always been a very interesting topic for me because I personally want to make sure I am salvaging every brain cell I possibly can, as should everyone else. These jumped out at me because I always feel that I am stressed from all of my classes, and don't have a healthy diet while being up at school.
I'm glad that you touched on that in your article - otherwise the points you made concerning brain-cell death might be unrealistically amplified. The right brain controls the left side of the body, while the left brain controls the right side. Take the FREE & fun Your Amazing Brain quiz and download FREE Your Amazing Brain worksheet for kids.

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid any stroke, or other brain diseases which can lower the function of your brain. As I am researching this topic, 3 specific actions that kill brain cells that really caught my eye the most were not drinking enough water, stress, and eating unhealthy food.
I also decided to look up what else could be harmful to your brain cells that you wouldn't think about.
The amygdala controls your feelings and the brain stem is in charge of automatic body movements like breathing.
It sends the signals that make your heart beat, your lungs draw in breath and your eyelids blink.
But the bottom line is if you're not stressed at college, then you're not doing something right.

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