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Bermuda is known for many things, but perhaps none more so than our famous pink sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.
Being a subtropical island, Bermuda has many beautiful beaches to choose from, with some offering services such as active life guards, diving, snorkeling, and even food and beverages. Straddling the east end of the island and shaped like the heel of a foot, Achilles Bay offers a secluded small beach experience, as well as easy access to the adjacent Fort St.
Located in Pembroke, this beach is one of the most popular summer spots for Bermudians, especially the young children who you will often see jumping off the nearby cliffs. If tackling these more difficult swimming conditions isn’t on your Bermuda to-do list, take the time instead to stroll around the beautiful park; the perfect place for a picnic or a casual walk, and you may even catch a wedding ceremony, with Astwood Park a popular spot for weddings.
Known for its easy access to coral reef and the abundance of life that it supports, the pink sand beaches of Church Bay in Southampton Parish give way to just the kind of subtropical waters that marine life lovers will appreciate. Horseshoe Bay Beach is the perfect family destination for those groups hosting people of a range of ages, and offers a concession stand with snacks and drinks. Considered one of Bermuda’s most photographic areas, Jobson’s Cove in Warwick Parish is a sheltered beach that offers visitors a truly picturesque place to swim, play, and relax in relative peace and quiet – just be sure that you bring your camera along, because this isn’t a place that you’re going to want to forget!
Named after Captain John Smith, an explorer who first produced a map of Bermuda in 1631, John Smith’s Bay in Smith’s Parish is set away from most the other beaches in Bermuda.
One of the most family-friendly beaches on the island, Shelly Bay Beach provides a very long stretch of warm, shallow water, making it the perfect place for children to enjoy the beach while parents relax in the sand. One of the most active and exciting beaches that Bermuda has to offer, the Dockyard’s Snorkel Park Beach is a hub of activity all year round. One of the more secluded Bermuda beaches, Somerset Long Bay is located at the western end of the island in Sandys Parish.
One of the closest public beaches to the Royal Naval Dockyard and the cruise ship terminals, the beach is located right next to the Somerset Long Bay Nature Reserve, offering a view of Bermuda’s natural beauty. Long Bay Beach at Warwick Bay is another favourite spot for vacationers and Bermudians alike, providing an extensive beach that framed by steep cliffs and groves of Bay Grape and Cedar trees.
West Whale Bay in Southampton Parish is aptly named for the schools of humpback whales that are sometimes spotted during their annual migration past the area in March and April. When taking in the beauty of Horseshoe Bay Beach, you should travel there by the most convenient way possible, by scooter, moped or pedal bike. Bermuda welcomes a great many cruise ships annually, bringing thousands of holiday makers to its shores. When travelling to Bermuda, many people come to beautiful Horseshoe Bay Beach, in Southampton Parish. Here’s a recent video (September 2011) detailing a typical scooter ride from Kings Wharf in Bermuda to Horseshoe Bay Beach.
Horseshoe Bay is the ideal place to go beach combing, sunbathing, swimming and engage in water sports. Horseshoe Bay Beach is believed to have the largest choice of facilities of all the beaches in Bermuda. The Bay is furthermore renowned for its amazing New Years Eve celebration, often put on by island residents who were originally from the UK. Wednesday night is Harbour Night in Hamilton City, close to Horseshoe Bay.
If you want to go out dining by Horseshoe Bay Beach, then there are many fine eateries in the area. Travellers could stop for a hot dog or burger when visiting the Horseshoe Bay Beach Cafe.
Horseshoe Bay Beach is furthermore a stone’s throw away from many hotels and holiday resorts. If you feel like a round of golf, the Port Royal Golf Club and the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa are a short distance away from Horseshoe Bay Beach. If you wish to spend an evening out by Horseshoe Bay Beach, there are various pubs and restaurants in the area, or within accessible distance. This is just an idea of the many wonderful things to see and do at Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish, Bermuda.

Bermuda is lucky to have many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, reputed for the pink sand that covers them and the clear blue of the ocean. As its name suggests, the beach is shaped like a horseshoe and stretches to about 4 miles long. Whether you are into snorkelling, swimming or sunbathing, Horseshoe Bay is the ideal beach for you.
Located at the end of Horseshoe Road, off the South Road, the beach is accessible by bus (there is a  stop just at the entrance) and there is a large car park for cars and scooters at the end of the road.
If you are in Bermuda in August, don’t miss the sand sculpture competition organised by the Architects Association on the beach.
Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish – Rent a scooter, moped or bike from Elbow Beach Cycles and get a massive 10% off your scooter if you book online NOW. It’s got the best facilities, is big enough to accommodate large crowds, and is easily reached from the cruise ship terminals at Dockyard and many hotels. Snorkeling gear is available to rent on-site during the summer months via Church Bay Beach Rentals – all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.
Take a few moments and take in the breathtaking experience that is scooter travel in Bermuda! It is not uncommon for visitors to Horseshoe Bay to avail themselves of the local amenities, for purchasing essentials, like snack foods, at the Beach House. The most famous of them all is certainly the Horseshoe Bay Beach, in the parish of Southampton. The most southern beach in Bermuda, the Horseshoe Bay Beach is also public and the most popular. It’s arguably the most beautiful, but there are many others that would give that accolade to Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach, or Jobson’s Cove. If you love people watching it’s the perfect beach for you, but if you are looking for a quiet time you may want to head to a different beach as Horseshoe is known to be very popular during the summer. The most visited tourist spot on the island, however, is said to be the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Beach.
Horseshoe Bay Beach also has a rental stand where you can hire out snorkeling and water skiing gear. These include the annual Bermuda Kite Festival which takes place every Easter, on Good Friday. This is where sculptors and designers from Bermuda and overseas compete to create the finest, most detailed sculptures on the beach.
Warwick Long Bay Beach, in Warwick Parish, is an extensive body of sand located on South Shore Park. At the Horseshoe Bay Beach House, you can find cold drinks, different types of food, ice-cream and refreshments. Visitors furthermore come to Horseshoe Bay for its blue turquoise waters and crashing waves.
This is along with residing at the Bermuda Paradise Vacation Villa Bed and Breakfast and the Surf Side Beach Club, to name but a few. In 2013 they voted it the 8th best beach in the world.Horseshoe Bay is situated in Southampton Parish.
Horseshoe Bay Beach is moreover close to beautiful Marley Beach and Elbow Beach, with its amazing resort. From west to east the major beaches in the park are Horseshoe Bay, Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobson’s Cove, and Warwick Long Bay.
So if you arrive at one beach and it’s not for you, it’s really easy to move to another.The beach is named because it’s supposedly shaped like a horseshoe.
The water is crystal clear and the sand is regularly cleaned and is free of stones.There are actually two beaches at Horseshoe Bay.

It’s also a good vantage spot and an excellent place to take panoramic photos of the beach.The Horseshoe Bay Beach Cafe is situated near the main entrance to the beach itself. If you’re looking for more upmarket beachside restaurant or bar try Mickey’s at Elbow Beach or the Beach House at Achilles Bay.There’s also a beach rentals facility here. They can be fatal, but this is rare.Fortunately Horseshoe Bay is one of the handful of beaches in Bermuda where lifeguards are on duty (May to October only). Most cruise ship passengers will visit Horseshoe Bay on day one or day two, and will spend their final day at Dockyard.The table below shows the days the ships are in port in 2014. They include the ITF Beach Tennis International Tournament and the Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition.To reach Horseshoe Bay by public transport you will need to take bus number 7 (Dockyard – Hamilton). If you don’t fancy the walk the ‘To the Top’ shuttle service costs just $2.The taxi fare from Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay Beach will be about $33. Taxis and minibuses will drop you off on the car park, which is next to the beach.Cruise ships passengers should be wary about visiting Horseshoe Bay on the day their ship departs. Bermuda has good bus and taxi services, but if a few hundred cruise ship passengers decide to leave the beach just before their ship departs, they will become swamped.
Don’t forget the bus to Dockyard is coming from Hamilton and will already have picked up passengers in the capital and from other popular spots before it even reaches Horseshoe Bay. The views from the top are wonderful.Reply Sam says September 30, 2014 Horseshoe Bay is a brilliant beach. For more details of this and other events over this holiday period check out our guide to Cup Match 2014.Reply Earl says June 25, 2014 Horseshoe was a bit too busy for us. We stayed for a while then took a hike to Stonehole Bay.Reply Becky says June 16, 2014 The beach is very nice. Undoubtedly the pinkest sand and bluest water I have ever seen.Reply Cathy Kirkland says Just returned from Bermuda today and liked Horseshoe Bay a lot. Plan to return again in the future.Reply Deborah says I just returned from my first cruise trip to Bermuda, which I loved.
Everyone should visit Bermuda at least once.Reply harold says Just came back from a week cruise to Bermuda and had the best time ever.
You will love it.Reply Dean in Bermuda says Hey guys, thanks for all the positive comments. Horseshoe Bay Beach is considered to be the best beach in Bermuda, it’s the most popular for the tourist and locals. At times it does appear crowded when there are a few ships in the island at the same time but that’s just because most people will tend to lay out on the half of the beach that is nearest to the entrance and facilities but even in that half there is still plenty of room. It is usually cleaned up within a week or so and that is very good considering that Horseshoe Beach is not the only one they care for, they do all the beaches whenever that problem arises.
Horseshoe Bay Beach is rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by the Travel Channel and we in Bermuda are proud and happy to share this piece of paradise with you so please come again.Reply Linda says Hi Dean,Just got back a few weeks ago from a 7 day Norwegian cruise to Bermuda. Just the best.Reply Tracy says I just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise to Bermuda.
When I asked why I was told that this is the first increase he has made since he began the business 10 years ago, and gas is now just under $7.00 per gallon in Bermuda. Hope to return some day.Reply jack says I was to Horseshoe Bay Beach in October of 2008 and by far the water was crystal clear blue and the sand noticeably pink.

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