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Today, 53 years and a day after Laika the Russian space mutt became the first dog to launch into orbit, mental_floss hopes to help dogkind take a giant leap backwards: with a new column we're calling Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts. Special Thanks to the incredible Stacy Conradt who provided all of the ranch dressing facts to the dogs above. Also, thanks to the amazing photographer Ben Goldstein (he took the first photo in this set and I love his work), my pal Zoe Glassner and her dog Noemi (pictured in the first photo), the lovely Lisako Koga and her wizard-like terror of a papillon Bailey "Biscuit" Koga.
Mangesh co-founded mental_floss in 2001 and previously served as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

Man's passion and pride in his dog led to the desire to show his dog and compare it to similar dog breeds. Today's topic is ranch dressing, and we've consulted some of the wisest dogs around about the topic.
And, of course, a big thanks to all of the mental_floss fans who sent in the other pics above.

Organisation was required - descriptions and breed standards were needed - First Dog Fact - the Kennel Clubs were born!

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