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When the surface of the earth moves in response to heat and pressure from below, the shaking is called an earthquake.
Huge sections of the crust, called tectonic plates, are always moving; some floating like huge rafts on the almost-liquid rocks below! Earthquakes can happen in many places, but there are some areas where they are concentrated. Earthquakes travel in ripples or waves across the earth and through the layers of the earth. Seismology is the study of earthquakes and a seismologist is the scientist that studies earthquakes. Geologists and seismologists use two different scales to measure how strong an earthquake is. Humans developed many explanations for earthquakes before they had the understanding and instruments to study them scientifically.
No one can predict earthquakes yet, nor prevent them, but you can protect yourself by preparing for one.
Research by Assistant Professor Aleksey Smirnov and colleagues from University of Rochester indicates that the earth's inner core is much older than we thought.
Smirnov uses paleomagnetic data to do his research, measuring the magnetic fields in the oldest rocks on earth. This geodynamic process, also dramatically changing the magnetic field behavior, happened longer ago than was previously thought, Smirnov claims, because he can see those changes recorded in very old rocks. He also takes into account the continental drift that has taken place over time, including in India, where he will be going next to gather more data, thanks to a National Science Foundation grant.
For his current research, he used data from 28 locations around the world, and he’ll add to that information database, thanks to NSF. The geophysicist has previously researched rock formations in western Australia and Canada.
An international team of scientists has provided new insights into the processes behind the evolution of the planet by demonstrating how salty water and gases transfer from the atmosphere into the Earth’s interior.
The global population is expected to increase by two to three billion people by 2050, a projection raising serious concerns about sustainable development, biodiversity and food security. Ground-breaking new research has shown that erosion caused by glaciation during ice ages can, in the right circumstances, wear down mountains faster than plate tectonics can build them. A new study suggests that the common belief that the Earth's rigid tectonic plates stay strong when they slide under another plate, known as subduction, may not be universal.
Droughts could kill off the tallest trees in tropical rainforests in coming decades, a study suggests.
Those are rather silly posts about epicycles Zephir KFC's denomination is even more exact, than it appears.
If the existing theories no longer fit the known evidence or a newer theory is a better fit or a simpler and equal fit why would someone us a previous theory. The (community of) people, who don't care about it by their very nature cannot be considered moral in any way.
Time to stop evading Iron meteorites were the first material that accreted to form iron cores of planets near the Sun That isn't how the iron cores formed. I know you have seen these before Oliver but it is time you stop pretending that ignoring it will make it go away. I have my own theories about gold , not that they’ve help me find it , but it makes logical sense to believe that there is gold in the earths interior , as well as in the Sun . That more gold can come up from under the earth to its surface is a very likely hypothesis, especially if there are land movements and earth quakes. One of the things I most loved to do when I lived in California was to head for the East Fork San Gabriel River after a big rain, claw out some dirt from around the roots of a big washed out tree, and settle in to work with my pan for a long weekend. As for volcanic activity bringing molten gold from the core to the surface of the Earth, alas, this is not even remotely possible, since volcanic material is from the inner crust of the Earth, perhaps only several miles deep.
But the temperatures reported during the big bang and super nova events were in the millions to billions of degrees.
Reading thru the information that I posted in my blogs indicates that the heavy metals at the center of the earth will forever stay there, since they’re too heavy to be forced upward by the interior forces. Jad, not sure how god got involved in this topic or why he would want people to have gold, considering he is suppose to be the holy father of love, and anti-materialism, but all to their own I suppose.

When this happens, under great pressure and heat, the rock in some places becomes squeezed, stretched, or folded and can break. If a person were standing in just the right location and could see the surface of the earth during an earthquake, the ground would actually appear to be moving in a wave. This leads to the characteristic shape of an earthquake on a seismogram with a small P wave followed by a larger S wave.
The Richter Scale measures magnitude, the amount of energy released by an earthquake by measuring how big a shock wave is. You can read about some of these ideas about Earthquake Myths and Folklore.Here's a myth from Mongolia, China.
The shockwaves can travel through the surface of the earth but they can also travel through the layers of the earth where they bounce off of matter inside the earth. A tsunami happens when shocks from the earthquake create huge waves that come inland and strike communities along the ocean coast. One way scientists help is by comparing readings from widely spaced seismographic stations to determine the exact position of the earthquake's origin. By doing so with samplings from around the globe, he was able to estimate the age of the inner core, which he claims is also related to the start of plate tectonics.
Earth's iron core formed first, by accreting iron meteorites, and then served as the site on which stone meteorites accreted.TUREKIAN, K. ALL those iron meteorites got hot enough to melt and THEN the iron moved in to the center of those rather large asteroids.
Once in the crust, processes through heat and water have deposited it in places you and I can find it. Doing it (prospecting) with just a gold pan will take you forever and a day to even find you enough to brag about. During the earth’s formation all the heavy metals that came with asteroids and comets, as well as collisions with other planets while the earth was still molten sank to the interior of our planet. Hopefully, by the time (and if it ever happens) mankind would have a much greater understanding how everything fits and works together in the Universal scheme of things. As such, by clicking the button below to proceed with an international order, you will not initially be charged shipping with your order. Because the P wave is traveling faster, the time between the P and S wave increases away from the earthquake. A gigantic frog which carried the world on its back, twitched periodically, producing earthquakes. The two largest earthquakes in the lower 48 states in the last 45 years have been in Idaho (1959 and 1983).
This IS an epicycle approach.Indeed, if they would be more clever, they would use some EXISTING theory for explanation. But for scientists it may be more advantageous to ignore it from many reasons - if nothing else, it will make the subject of their research less transparent and it would enable them to continue in development of their own theories.
Theses became accretion sites for stone meteorites that formed further away from the pulsar on which the Sun reformed No.
A rigid solar iron mantle would also sink "Strange xenon, extinct super-heavy elements, and the solar neutrino puzzle", Science 195, 208-209 (1977) That is the same exact WAG based on and dependent on the Neutron-Iron Sun theory which is contrary to physics and evidenceThe Solar Neutrino puzzle isn't.
The heavy metals we’re finding now are all deposits from bombardment after our crust had harden.
Nobody will ever get to the core, not until technology catches up to that possibility at least. The estimates are that there are about 500,000 detectable earthquakes a year, 100,000 of those can be felt, and about 100 of them cause damage. The location where these plates meet or come together is known as a fault.The squeezing and folding can stretch the rocks or push them together. The epicenter of an earthquake is the place on the Earth's surface directly above the focus (more than one are called foci), which is the place inside the Earth where the quake originates. As the waves move, they can actually collide into one another and reverse direction, causing additional damage. As an earthquake is recorded, the pen jumps back and forth on the paper showing the intensity of the earthquake.
An aftershock is a smaller quake which follows the original one, but can still continue to cause additional damage to an already troubled area of land.

Liquefaction, ground displacement, flooding, tsunamis, and fire are all hazards of earthquakes. But scientists aren't very motivated in mutual reconciliation of their theories, because the more theories, the more theorists can keep their jobs, as R. In the parallel thread I explained, why cold fusion is ignored not only with fossil or carbon fuel lobby, but even with proponents of inertial laser fusion and tokamak fusion: all these people are realizing immediately, they would become redundant as well. Please explain how the iron got to melt and conglomerate and then moved into the asteroid field. See the Carina Nebula for one that may be a close match, due Eta Carinae, to what our System formed out of. With mountain building and erosion, the heavy metals washed down into the streams, rivers and oceans where we find them now. And when it does, I am scared to imagine the environmental destruction big companies would cause go to get it.
Rocks can also break under this stress and release huge amounts of energy in the form of shock waves.
When they reach shallow coastal waters they can grow to 35m (115 ft) high and cause massive flooding!
Such people are getting amoral gradually with very nature of their job, because they just lack the feedback of layman public.
Ours may have been a bit busier based on evidence that there might also have been a Wolf-Rayet star involved.
Keep in mind that the Lunar dust stuck to everything on the Moon landings so your problem with stuff sticking to other stuff is purely to support your religious beliefs. Have been since the Sudbury experiment showed that the three flavors of neutrinos, that were all coming from the Sun, add up to the correct amount. Some shock waves move through the ground before a volcano erupts, or underground where new crust is being formed. Learn more about the Richter Scale here.In addition to the Richter scale, scientists also use the Mercalli Intensity Scale to measure the amount and type of damage caused by the earthquake. This stance is not moral with respect to the rest of civilization, but it's still quite understandable with respect to their own community (which is driven with different rules, being payed from mandatory fees).
There is no objective criterion for decision, what is really important subject of research for human civilization and what is not.
Of course there is no actual evidence of Neutron Repulsion except what is covered by the Pauli Exclusion Principle. At present it appears there may have been a supernova of sort that is going to occur in the Carina Nebula when Eta Carinae goes boom.
I've already read the obvious links to the accretion theory and find it just too magical There is no magic involved. I've already read the obvious links to the accretion theory and find it just too magical and contra-physical-science to believe[the basic part about rocks sticking to each other is somewhat light on credibility]. You don't like the whole concept of an old Solar System so you simply aren't trying to understand. It is very hard to imagine rocks bending and folding or even large areas of land sliding under layers of the ground. Its utterly dependent on a rather large number of ideas of yours that don't actually fit the evidence or known physics.We are also still waiting for actual evidence that the Sun has a RIGID iron mantle. I love those pictures that show an iron plasma in the corona that you think counts as a rigid iron surface. 6, 346-348 (1969) Which is entirely a wild assed guess wholly dependent on your Iron Sun theory and is not independent of it. There is no evidence to support it is just speculation on your part and it would likely be correct IF the Sun had a the rigid Iron Mantle you claim it does.

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