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Traditionally used by trainers, this extra-long nylon dog lead is a great alternative to reel-in-style zip leads.
Millions of dog owners worldwide are more than satisfied with this remarkable invention from Germany  Flexi retractable leashes.
We carry a great selection of dog leashes including retractable leashes, nylon leashes, chain leashes, leather leashes, & more. Exclusive online pet shop, buy dog, cat, fish, birds, puppies accessories & other products online and get it delivered at your door steps.

I have a few dogs that require being walked on a leash, but do not want to be walked on the standard size lead.
We walk our dog in the woods all the time, and this leash is the perfect length to allow him some freedom to explore, and also to train him to come when called, in the hope that he will eventually learn to "come" once trustworthy enough to go off leash. For more than 30 years, Flex is quality products have dramatically improved the daily task of dog walking, making it a pleasure not just another chore. Just simply choose from the extensive range of leashes to find the perfect match for you and your best friend.Flexi the leash that wont let you down!

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