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Confident, courageous, and smart, shepherds are people dogs that do well with other pets but can have a prey drive that isn’t ideal for cats or small dogs. Lively, curious, and sweet-as-can-be, Beagles are easygoing companions that enjoy the company of other dogs and do great with children. Active, friendly, and outgoing, Labs tend to play well with other dogs and have a consistent temperament.
Easy to train, gentle, and playful, Goldens are great with people, including children, and require regular grooming to maintain their coat’s health and luster.

Independent to a fault, these free thinkers can be stubborn to train but aren’t needy the way other breeds can be. Many so-called cryptic species exist that, to the untrained eye, look very similar or even identical to another organism--commonly found, for example, in nocturnal mammals such as bats and bush babies.
Such a bar code can then be used to identify organisms which may not be easily identified (such as tracing back what primate was the source of mysterious smoked meat in the rainforest) and even to distinguish organisms such as microbes that we cannot see or culture in the laboratory. It is certainly curious how domestic dogs, which we know--because DNA bar coding has told us!--were raised by man from a wild gray wolf (Canis lupus) ancestor, can take on such a dramatic variety of forms.

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But among dogs, which are well known for their hybrid (or mongrel) varieties, different breeds can mate and have viable offspring, so they are all found under the umbrella of a single species, Canis familiaris.

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