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Ditto to the Ruffwear here - Casper knows the same method for escaping a harness, he tried once in the Ruffwear, failed, and never bothered trying again. After the success of my Flyball Harness, I was approached by an owner looking for something that would prevent his flyball dog from slipping out of his harness, whilst remaining snug and confortable for racing.
PLEASE NOTE: Please hold the section of the harness which fits around the chest and ribcage, as you would a normal harness.

After discussion and testing on my own dogs, I developed the Body-Wrap Flyball Harness using as little webbing as possible to allow the dogs to maintain their flexibility and ability to turn on the box, whilst being snug-fitting and escape-proof.
Because of the complexity of this harness, I ideally need to meet your dog to take measurements. Holding the harness further back will put pressure on the dog's soft and unprotected stomach.

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