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My DVR finally caught the re-run of the Pug episode originally aired November 29 of last year!!!  This episode has an adorable skydiving pug. This week Black Dog Pet Services is providing an in-home vacation for Oz and Odie, two adorable pugs. Oz loves watching TV so we’ve been watching plenty of Animal Planet!  His favorite show is Dogs 101. One of those shows is on Animal Planet called Dogs 101.  They explore and educate viewers about each breed from early stages through the older years.

The Pug has turned in to one of the most popular dogs in the United States, find out more about this lovable breed.
For his skydive he sports a jumpsuit, goggles, and flying shoes!   Too bad that portion of the video is reserved for the full show, but you can watch a portion of the Pug 101 directly on Animal Planets website or by clicking the image below.
Pet MealsIf your dogs fall sick after consuming its meals, the meals might need been recalled from the market. Treatment for PetsProtected Maltese Dogs 101 Animal Planet treats result optimistic pets health.

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