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If you're one of our clients, you've heard us say having a website is just the beginning of the work of promoting your business. Problem is that so many people represent themselves as SEO Specialists with no training nor have the right to make the assertion. Since Facebook is so easy to use, sometimes clients get confused that Facebook is the only way to go and they pay little or no attention to their website. While almost anyone can create an attractive website, BrainChild Branding websites have it all: beauty and brains .
Jaclyn's Spa in Brandon, FL wanted a simple website that would feature the beautiful Spa they have. Additionally, we continue to do their social media and search engine optimization. StyleMatters is a Philadelphia-based entity delivering a full suite of professional writing, editing, marketing, website development, graphic design, video and strategic communications services. Training animals takes a special combination of kindness and patience—Marisa Scully of Philly Dog Training is endowed with generous amounts of both.

The teaser website will be in place through late July while we complete the "real mccoy," so be sure to check back. Once again I was pleased to be able to support Center City District's online marketing of this event by designing a set of banner ads for use on regional event and media websites. Making a website is a great first step to growing your business, but by following through with SEO, you can go the extra mile to reach out to all your potential clients possible. She was also a self-proclaimed non-computer person. The website was built with the ability for her to create whatever navigation and sub-navigation she wants. He wants to share different ideas about fitness training, nutrition, food and diet. He can create all the categories and sub-categories he wants for ease in navigation and freshness of news about Fast Twitch Fitness Performance going-ons.
The website has the ability to take donations, registration of bowlers, gather email addresses. Whether you have just brought home a new puppy or young dog or are looking for guidance on selecting a new family member, Marisa can help make the transition successful.

Sure, we use Facebook (with calls-to-action) but we do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that is very unsexy but totally effective for improving traffic to your website. The client is able to manage their own content and follow the registrations. Ask Francis House how they feel about their BrainChild Branding website design and website development. This site is interesting because each time the reader returns to the website, there is a new picture in the bottom left. Even if you have tried training your dog unsuccessfully in the past, often it just takes someone with her understanding and expertise to learn what makes your dog tick.

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