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Oddly enough, several years before Kate Samworth contacted me to develop her new portfolio site, I'd purchased a print of her's entitled "Pride and Joy" at a gallery in the Old City area of Philadelphia. I don't mind short deadlines—fortunately, I do "methodical" and "organized" as well as anyone when the situation requires.
Already an avid blogger, Micah wished to support his forthcoming book, "Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization," with a new site dedicated to the benefits of providing best-in-class customer service. Training animals takes a special combination of kindness and patience—Marisa Scully of Philly Dog Training is endowed with generous amounts of both.
Stephanie wanted her personal site to reflect the simplicity of her yoga practice and spiritual outlook. Typically, I don't mention work-in-process on this site, but this one time I am making an exception. We rebuilt everything from the bottom up: giving the blog a new theme, developing a new architecture for the site and its content, installing a new blogging platform, adding a list of new features, and quite a list of other things.
I've worked projects with the communications team at Center City District over the last five years (including leading them through three complete redesigns of their Web site).

Download the full campaign sample sheet (PDF, 1.19 MB) and take a look at a few banners as they appeared on regional Web sites. Recently Fertility and Gynecology Associates approached me to redesign and rebuild their Web site.
Online marketing support was provided through a third-party service and resulted in dramatically increased Web site traffic and new patient phone inquires and appointments. A series of header graphics were created to enliven the presentation of the site and convey special marketing messages.
Last Summer SoftOrigins was selected to complete a redevelopment of the Innovation Philadelphia Web site.
Innovation Philadelphia selected the regional design firm Untuck to execute a new logo and general site design theme. When I was asked by Mike and Tom from Donnelly Creative Services to help rebuild a site for S.
After siting down with the Hudson team for a few strategy and planning sessions, we tore into the project and produced a new 65 page site highlighting Hudson's emerging brand and key service areas.

This issue also represents the launch of our recently redesigned site as well as the Other Voices announcement blog.
Whether you have just brought home a new puppy or young dog or are looking for guidance on selecting a new family member, Marisa can help make the transition successful. Early visitors can sign up on the placeholder site below for an invitation to a special Fall Around Main Line launch party.
Even if you have tried training your dog unsuccessfully in the past, often it just takes someone with her understanding and expertise to learn what makes your dog tick. Cohen, needed the site to support his established corporate identity and marketing collateral while clearly communicating his consultancy's approach to business improvement.

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