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Graduate from the Academy For Dog Trainers:   The Academy offers a comprehensive two-year program of study for applied dog behavior practitioners in dog training, animal behavior, class-teaching, counseling, critical thinking, and understanding and modifying behavior such as house-soiling, barking, leash reactivity, fear, aggression and dog-dog issues. Your dog stays in our trainer’s home and gets reinforced training and house manners on what they already know. If your dog does not do well with other dogs in close quarters or our in-home trainers are all booked for your requested dates, we have a kennel option.

Your dog(s) get the advantage and warmth of their normal routine in our home environment while reinforcing their training skills and not allowing any bad habits while you are away!
Plus our trainers are able to give you informative feedback on any problem areas as they get to know your dog.
All Academy practices are based on the latest evidence-based models and our training plans and methods have been field-tested on thousands of dogs (Jean Donaldson).  While I have graduated from the program and have earned my CTC (certification in training and counseling), I continue to benefit from ongoing webinars, case discussions and mentoring from Jean Donaldson herself.

Updates and pictures are added to our training blog during their stay.  There is no minimum stay required.

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