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In the program, the author claims that people could not learn how to train their dog just by reading about it. This program offers useful tips and tricks about dog training for all dog owners regardless of their age or the breed of dog. In a nutshell, the over 5-years worth of video tutorials and audio modules will allow you and your dog enjoy a beautiful relationship together without too much effort.
So whether your dog or puppy is soiling the carpet, chewing a shoe, growling at the mailman, jumping on you or visitors to your home, barking so much that now your neighbors are p***ed off at you, showing aggression towards you, other dogs etc. Just imagine finally having that lovable dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves when you need them to.

Actually, the system includes more than 250 videos with over 20 hours of duration that show you how to stop all unwanted dog behavior right from the comfort of your home. The training process is fun and you could start right away and see results in just several minutes. This is considered as the strongest promise from Doggy Dan about the quality of this product. This video based website contains instructional videos that allow you to tackle some popular issues of your dogs, such as aggressive behavior to other dogs or people, excessive barking, hyperactivity, disobedience, toileting in wrong places, crazy or predictable behavior, and other problems. All what you will view in the videos of Doggy Dan is genuine proof that his techniques will perfectly work for you dog.

Especially, the amazing thing this program brings about is that your dog will really use self-control to change its own behavior.

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