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Dog Tags are made of soft flexible plastic and include a corrosion free 30" aluminum ball chain necklace. Dog tags are becoming increasingly popular with the parents of young children in Vietnam, who have carved important information into the tags in order to help their children find their way home if they get lost.
Anh has tried several different methods to keep her children from getting lost – including putting information cards in their pockets and tying a thread connecting them to her – but having them wear dog tags has proven to be the most effective. Many parents have begun realizing the advantages of the small metal tags and have started purchasing custom tags containing their children’s names, home addresses and emergency contact numbers.

Help us send dog tags to our troops currently serving in harm's way so they can send them to their kids back home! We heard a story about a soldier who was in Iraq, and he wanted to send his kids a package.
Dog tag makers and sellers in Vietnam say that parents now make up a significant portion of their clientele. We tried to think of something we could send Dad or Mom that they could easily send back to their kids.

This is something easy to ship and something the kids can hang on to until Dad or Mom gets back home. As of October, 2015, we have sent over 800,515 tags to the troops overseas to send home to their children.

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