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As the term describes, inflate the protective collar by blowing air before your dog wears it. To double secure its tightness, there is an inner loop of rings for your existing dog's collar to go through it, as well as an adjustable velcro to secure its perfect fitness around the dog neck. Say bye bye to the traditional elizabeth collar which deter the dog's movement and proves to be more discomfort to the dog. Minor licking may not be a problem but excessive licking can drastically slow healing or even cause severe infections. The product is intended to be durable enough to prevent your pet from tearing and destroying the fabric but some pets seem to be "on a mission" and will continue to work at the fabric until they get what they want – free access to the wound. Neck Collars to Stop Dogs from Licking The most commonly used and usually effective measure is the collar that fits around the neck and prevents the dog from having access to the area.

Boredom and behavior problems can result in obsessive licking, resulting in injury and inflammation to the skin.
Simply telling the pet to stop and moving his head away may work for a brief time but does not help when you are not around or are asleep.
By covering the wound, the hope is that the dog will attempt to lick the wound, realize they cannot get to it and give up. For wound in the back half of the body, put the t-shirt on backwards, with the tail going through the hole for the head and the rear legs going into the arms.
The Elizabethan collar, commonly referred to as an e-collar, looks like a lampshade and surrounds the pet's head, preventing him from getting to the wounded area. When injured or after surgery, the natural response for the animal is the lick the wound in an attempt to reduce pain and irritation, remove sutures or remove some of the drainage associated with wounds or incisions.

The bacteria in their mouths readily live and thrive in the moist warm environment of continuously licked wounds. You may have to use a strip of sticky tape to tape the bottom hem of the t-shirt to the dog to prevent the shirt from slipping. Some very persistent pets will either get the collar off or still be able to reach the wounded area. One advantage is that the collar also prevents your pet from being able to scratch at any injuries or wounds on the face.

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