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A 23-year-old man could be facing charges after trying to kill his dog by shooting it with a crossbow in the head. Meantime, Gemma’s former owner — 28-year-old Christopher Scott, of Goodland Township — is charged in Lapeer County with one count of torturing animals.
Gemma was found wandering in March with an arrow lodged above the left eye [See a photo here — Image may be disturbing]. EDT April 6, 2015The owner, who hasn't been charged, told authorities the dog was acting aggressively toward his other dog. Devoted Barn owner Melissa Borden tells The Flint Journal that Gemma’s time at the facility has allowed her to interact and feel comfortable around other dogs. She’s also learned tricks and interacted with strangers while taking part in a program with students at the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center School.

When officers rushed out to get the dog, they found it was able to walk and was completely alert. After investigating with the help of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office, they located the man.He admitted to officers that he drove north with his dog intending to kill her. The pooch was taken to a local veterinarian, who took X-rays and removed the arrow.Authorities received a tip from one of the dog owner's relatives, who heard rumors that the man had shot his dog. Then, according to Lapeer County Animal Control, he told them he got out of the car and shot her in the head with a crossbow. They talked with neighbors to identify the dog and spoke with the owner, a 28-year-old Goodland Township man, Orn said. He petted her until animal control arrived.O'Dell said they tried to put Gemma in the animal control truck, but it didn't work with the arrow sticking out of her head.

He said he put the retriever in a vehicle and drove her north on back country roads, where he released the dog and shot her in the head with a crossbow Saturday night, Orn said.She said he told authorities that he brought something in which to bury the dog, but when he came back to the area from getting the item out of his truck, the dog was gone. The vet removed the arrow, which miraculously had missed her brain and optic nerve, Chief Animal Control Officer Aimee Orn said.O'Dell left his name and number, and a few hours later received a call that Gemma was OK. First, Gemma has to pass tests to check for aggressiveness with other dogs, though Orn said that animal control has not noticed such tendencies with Gemma.Orn — who spent 11 years with Macomb County Animal Control until she became the chief animal control officer in Lapeer County about three months ago — said she has seen odd cruelty cases through the years. Otherwise, the dog will be taken into evidence and the ownership issue will be settled in court.

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