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This harness is not designed for protection training: agitation, bite work, or any biting dog sports. Rugged hard shell hydration pack affords an expandable zipper waterproof sealed pocket for transporting first aid trauma kit, radio gear and DIY life saving instructions. Trauma gear included: Burn gel, wound sanitizer, cold compress, trauma pad, bandages, blood stopper, etc.
Search and rescue dogs can provide assistance when the environment is difficult, dangerous or time consuming.

The goal in using emergency rescue dogs, is to take advantage of a their specialized senses, size, and weight to find disaster survivors and remains in rubble. All this work can take place before responders are ready and able to enter a disaster area. If you use this harness for any of those purposes, the harness may break, resulting in an accidental dog bite.
This high visibility K9 prismatic ballistics wear allows moisture from sweat and heat to escape.

This may occur hours later and the lost time can mean the difference between life and death.

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