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This is not your typical baby gate — and for that matter, it's not your typical dog gate either. Pet Gates are designed to keep your pet safely confined in most areas while allowing you to move freely about. Pet Gates and Dog Gates for your home including wooden, wrought iron, indoor, hardwood, freestanding, richell, safety, wood and adjustable.
This zigzag gate from Orvis provides pet owners with a temporary solution for keeping your four-legged friend out of specific rooms.

Richell's freestanding, small pet gate is just 20" high, which allows you to simply step over with ease! The rubber feet and side panels will keep your dog gate steady and help prevent any tip overs.
We pride ourselves in bringing high quality pet products for both dogs and cats to pet lovers all across the United States and the world (through our partnership with International Checkout).
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Side panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over, plus the rubber feet keep it from sliding on hard floor surfaces.

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