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Coprophagia or (poop eating) is where a puppy or adult dog has developed a taste for eating poop (it can be their own or other animals) and it is a relatively common condition to affect younger puppies.
Most dogs and puppies that do develop Coprophagia are well fed and well cared for so a lack of food or malnourishment is not considered to be a factor in the problem developing.
A vitamin deficiency has also been ruled out as a reason behind puppies and dogs eating poop (although cat poop does seem to be a particularly favourite poop delicacy for some dogs and puppies). One consistent theory that experts feel maybe a contributory factor in the development of the problem is possibly due to young puppies being shouted at when they have an accident in the House – so they eat the poop to hide the evidence. Another theory is that puppies and younger dogs develop the problem when they are bored or confined to a specific area for a long time (this could be the crate).
Behavior modification this technique is used by some owners but may actually be counterproductive i.e using negative reinforcement through sprinkling a nasty substance on the poop (something like Tabasco sauce is often used), but it would be faster just to pick up all of the poop in the garden. Some dog owners add ingredients to their dog or puppy’s food that makes the poop taste nasty or at least seems to reduce the problem. We are a team of professional and passionate veterinarians, dog behavior specialists, trainers, nutritionists, and dog experts seeking to help educate pet parents about dog related health issues for free.
The reason behind females being more prone to this problem is thought to be due to when the female (mother) cleaned up after her puppies when they were in the litter – eating the poop to clean the living area.
The condition has been seen in dogs that have developed a huge appetite due to Malabsorption Syndrome – so they eat their stools to get extra nutrients.

A dog that is repeatedly eating poop will also have bad breath (which is not very nice for the owner)!
The best method is to house train your pooch – so if you catch your pooch pooping in the House, attach a leash to your puppy or dog and put a cue on taking him or her outside. Dogs that have been prescribed Corticosteroids have also been seen to develop the condition. Don’t leave any litter trays around the House as cat poop is particularly tempting for some dogs. Coprophagia has also been seen in dogs that are experiencing intestinal parasites, cushings disease, thyroid problems and Diabetes. InstinctMama dogs instinctively eat the feces of their pups in an apparent attempt to clean up the den and hide evidence of their vulnerable offspring (and you thought changing stinky diapers was a sacrifice).
Attention SeekingA lot of dogs act out to get attention, even if it’s negative attention. The typical example is the neglected outdoor dog who barks and barks until his owner comes out to scold him.
The same could happen with dogs who realize they can get a rise out of their owners by eating poop. Some dog behavior experts claim that other psychological issues or general stress could trigger the behavior as well.4.

They Really Like It!Some dogs eat their own poop, while others eat the poop of other dogs exclusively.
It generally doesn’t cause any health problems either, unless the dog eats the stool of a sick animal.
As funny as this topic is to talk and write about, it can be very frustrating for a dog owner who actually has to deal with it.
Once they start to think of poop as food, it can be a challenge to train them not to partake.One strategy is to create an aversion to poop by dousing it in lemon juice, hot sauce, or some other substance the dog finds¬†unpalatable. However, this doesn’t work with a lot of dogs, who are either unfazed by the new flavor or learn to avoid the doctored turds. A better method is to add something to the dog’s food that changes the flavor of his stool.

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