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Probably one of the most well-known food trucks in Phoenix, Short Leash Hot Dogs slings gourmet hot dogs named after real-life dogs, topped with fresh, and sometimes unexpected, ingredients all wrapped up in naan bread.
Our personal favorite Short Leash specialty is the Aiko, with a spicy beer hot topped with mango chutney, diced jalapenos, red onion, fresh cilantro and mayo.
Short Leash Hot Dogs is one of the first (and we’re sure not to be the last) food trucks to have a semi-permanent location with their Sit, Stay setup. Short Leash, a food truck that serves unique combinations named after dogs of the owners' friends and family, is a regular fixture at Phoenix Public Market and Food Truck Fridays.
Mango chutney, pinto beans and cilantro are a far cry from the traditional ketchup, mustard and relish that top most hot dogs. These signature combinations are always available, but once a week, Short Leash features a “Dog of the Week.” The specials are modeled after photos submitted by customers of their pets.
Each “Dog of the Week” has its picture posted on the Short Leash sandwich board with its own original Short Leash combination of toppings. As owners of a food truck, they also have to deal with limited space for food storage and cooking.
Short Leash consistently makes an appearance at the Phoenix Public Market on Wednesday evenings, and on Friday afternoons during Food Truck Fridays. Karin Santiago, a Food Truck Friday regular, braved the Short Leash line at a recent Food Truck Friday.
In the future, Brad hopes Food Truck Fridays grows, even though the Public Market space can only fit two or three more trucks.
Brad also said that he “wants to grow the brand of Short Leash” and establish a permanent location for the business in central Phoenix. I am looking into starting my own hot dog truck and I just dont know where to start, licenses you have to have, and anything else you need.
By Evie Carpenter, on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 Short Leash Hot Dogs may expand to a brick-and-mortar location on Roosevelt Street by early June, according to owners Brad and Kat Moore. Short Leash Hot Dogs fans like Meghan Storms will soon be able to enjoy the food truck’s favorite dishes on a more regular basis at a permanent location downtown.

Owner Brad Moore said he and his wife, Kat, are planning to open Short Leash’s first permanent location at 110 E. Moore said Short Leash’s brick-and-mortar location will be a sit-down restaurant that will serve their normal menu items plus some of the specials that have been featured on their Sit…Stay menus. Some of these dishes will become staple menu items, like the Crispy Dog — a jalapeno and cheese wiener fried in a mini corn tortilla and served with an avocado cream sauce, Moore said. Short Leash will also be adding salads and more sausage entrees similar to the bratwurst sliders in pretzel buns that are the truck’s Featured Dog from time to time, Moore said.
The central, downtown location that Short Leash has already started moving into, right next door to downtown Jazz club the Nash, seemed like it was meant to be theirs, Moore said. Moore said that the space became available and the owners reached out to Short Leash, knowing the truck owners had been interested in the location in the past. He said that, eventually, Short Leash may offer a brunch option to parallel with the Nash’s Sunday jam sessions. For Scottsdale residents and first-time Short Leash customers Victor Perez and Kaitlin Rose, coming downtown for restaurants can be a bit of an ordeal but they said they think that the hot dogs they tried at the Wednesday night Open-Air Market, were worth it.
Short Leash will keep most of their regular truck locations, which Moore said is the “core of our business,” but they will be scaling back so their staff is not spread too thin.
Moore also said sometime this week Short Leash will be rolling out their second truck, which they announced on their Facebook page in late February and previewed at the Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic. With the new location, Moore said Short Leash will be more flexible and possibly able to offer some kind of student deal or discount. Last night we viewed episode 3, season 1 of The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network.
Our weekly guide to Phoenix dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners.
You can find the food trucks on a regular basis at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market  on Wednesday evenings from 4-8pm, Fridays from 11am — 1:30pm and on Saturdays from 8am — 1pm.
In June 2010, the couple jumped on the food-truck craze that has been sweeping the nation, and they created Short Leash.

The hot dogs are served in a piece of warm flatbread because of Brad’s dislike for traditional hot-dog buns. Short Leash can only work in areas the city has zoned as industrial, which eliminates a lot of property.
The truck is parked behind the Valley Youth Theater on Wednesdays for lunch, and the couple also sell hotdogs at a variety of Phoenix-area parties and events. But she added that it’s worth the wait, for her favorite “Aiko” dog topped with mango chutney, jalapenos, cilantro, red onions and mayonnaise. He said they have been unable to do this operating out of their truck due to the team’s efforts to keep their prices as low as possible.
Hosted by Tyler Florence, the show features seven food truck crews who compete on a six -week journey, selling their goodies in six city stops across the country. Both dress simply in jeans and T-shirts topped off with orange hats that boast the Short Leash logo. Your vote will help your Food Truck favorite win a chance to appear in season 2 AND a chance for YOU to win a trip to NYC for The Wine and Food Festival.
Pierce Street, Phoenix) on Wednesdays from 4-8pm, on Fridays for Food Truck Friday from 11am — 1:30pm and on Saturdays from 8am — 12pm. There are always many more opportunities that you can find by following your favorite truck individually or by following the Phoenix Street Coalition. They said they hope to correspond the new location’s opening with the truck’s third anniversary, June 5. Make sure to follow Short Leash Hot Dogs on Facebook and Twitter to find additional locations and times.

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