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As a factory-direct wholesaler and manufacturer, we are capable of providing heavy-duty, high quality spring hooks, swivel hooks, bolt snaps, dog leash bolt snap hooks pet and dog collar hooks hardware fasteners at low costs.These items are great for Apparel, Hangbags, Marine Use, Dog Leashes, Pet Lead and Industrial Applications. A: If you purchased your leash AFTER September 2011, your leash is covered under the Lifetime Warranty.
A: Cord leashes offer the smoothest retraction system and allow for a smaller, light weight leash casing. A: Starting in 2004, flexi discontinued the use of cords in all large retractable leash models. Read 249 Nylon Dog Leads reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you. Coastal's Li'l Pals Nylon Dog Leads line of petite pet products are designed specifically for puppies and toy breeds. The Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash keeps dogs safe and secure during walks and training. The Coastal Pet Single Nylon Lead is constructed with a 1" single ply nylon and is primarily recommended for large dogs.
The Clix Recall Line provides extra length for maximum freedom, letting dogs behave as if they were free while allowing you to retain control. The Remington 6' Braided Rope Slip Leash features a slip collar that allows for quicker and gentler correction than a traditional collar leash.

The slip collar style leash is recommended by trainers for optimum encouragement and correction. It should be used while walking with your flexi in conjunction with your dog's regular collar.
We are the proud creators and distributors of the alcott, doggo and Uncle Ulrick's brands. Made of super durable nylon that is still comfortable for your dog and your hand, this leash will make your little pal more excited for walkies than ever!
Made of extra tough single ply nylon webbing, it features a second loop handle close to the collar, eliminating the need to wrap the leash around your hand for a shorter lead.
Designed by the pet behavior specialists at Company of Animals, it's an ideal tool for recall training and controlled socialization of young or aggressive dogs. Roger Mugford, the Recall Line is safe, easy to use, and ideal for professional trainers and dog owners alike. Also, opening the housing unit or modifying the leash in any way will void the Lifetime Warranty.
Currently, these include the small and medium sized flexi Mini, Freedom, Explore and Explore Soft Grip leash models. It is designed to prevent snap back should your dog's collar breaks or if the leash disconnects from your dog's collar.

This ultra-tough lead is super soft for your comfort and versatile for a variety of common functions, including controlling, guiding, and tethering dogs. If you're experiencing any issues with your leash, please click here to learn how to return your defective leash and receive a new leash. If you purchased your leash before September 2011, your leash included a limited warranty which will also be voided if you open the housing unit. If your leash was purchased before September 2011, it included a One Year Limited Warranty and is no longer covered. Belt leashes offer a wider and thicker nylon webbing that supports even the largest and heaviest breeds.
The belt leashes are suitable for all dog sizes, even the most energetic breeds and the toughest pullers.

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